UAE Police clampdown with tougher UAE Covid restrictions

UAE Police clampdown with tougher UAE Covid restrictions

The United Arab Emirates police force, the UAE Police have had to clampdown with tougher COVID-19 measures because of increasing Covid-19 infection rates.

The UAE reported 3,525 new cases on Thursday, bringing the national total to 339,667 people infected with COVID-19. The death toll reached 974 after another 18 people died from the virus.

The death toll from the novel coronavirus pandemic is edging closer to the 1,000 mark in the UAE. As a result, the combined police forces from the different emirates have approved new precautionary and tougher measures to combat the spread of the disease.

The financial penalties have not had the effect the police were hoping for, UAE residents are still gathering and mixing under the radar.

Abu Dhabi news

In Abu Dhabi news police officers have reported over 1,600 violations as they referred 47 organisers and 1,641 participants to the emirate’s Emergency, Crisis and Disasters Prosecution Team.

In some instances in the capital of the UAE, the police were forced to break up 11 weddings and issued fines to the people.

Limiting the number of people in social gatherings is just one of the challenges facing Abu Dhabi, where the local police force announced organizers of such events would be fined AED10,000 ($2,722) while participants would receive an AED5,000 fine.

Dubai news

In Dubai news, UAE Police issued a statement that said anyone who wants to enter a police station or other official buildings within the emirate are now required to present a negative PCR test before entering. Those who have received two doses of the coronavirus vaccine are exempt. And more police patrols will be circulating the streets to protect the residents during lockdown and breakup social gatherings.

In Ajman

The Ajman Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management Team approved a new package of preventive measures that include banning concerts, festivals and events while reducing the capacity at cinemas, gyms, parks and beaches to 50 percent.

In Sharjah

The Sharjah Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management Team, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and the Sharjah Special Education Authority, said all students in public and private schools, as well as all nurseries, would switch to remote learning until the end of the month.

The UAE police also announced that if residents don’t respect the ruling, even tougher restrictions may come into play. So far although UAE residents are not confined to their homes, they are restricted in the entertainment sectors of life. All social gatherings are banned and restaurants and bars are closed in the evenings.


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