So what is WTX News about? We often get that question and it’s a very simple one, We have a mission to break the bias within the media.

WTX News is an independent news publisher based in the UK. As well as publishing we broadcast news on various partner TV stations based around the globe. WTX News delivers the ‘The Daily News Brief’.

It is NOT like any other briefing service, we provide you with summaries of all the latest news delivered to you ‘like a boss’.

A snapshot of all the news you need, handpicking the sources with all the links, on a silver platter.

About WTX News

We call it perspective! – No wishy-washy agendas, no propaganda, see through it all yourself and make up your own mind. It’s a great conversation piece, be the smartest most informed person in the room, carry the information and lead the conversation.

WTX News Global Bureau’s

We have two locations in the UK – One in London and the second in the north of England in Lancashire. Capturing the heartbeat of the UK News stories that matter to the British public.

We have multiple stations and reporters on the ground across Europe – delivering EU News in Paris, Bologna, Warsaw and Kyiv; covering the Ukraine conflict.

We also have a specialist Arabic news team based in several locations in the middle east including Jordan news – Palestine and Dubai news Teams.

We have a satellite office in the United States in Chicago – covering all the latest news from the United states 24 hours a day.

Follow each of our social media news today – for targeted news delivered to you.

Why did we start?

Money? Errr I think not, news publishers and news agencies are shutting down unable to compete with large conglomerates; so why did we start, perhaps, with noble intentions? hmmm! it would be nice, but not that either. We, a small group of like-minded people, started because we believe in staying informed.

We read all the sources, verify the authenticity and then decide the narrative for ourselves. Thanks to this platform we can now discuss it and share it with everyone.

A host of services and offers are available to all those that join WTX news team

How we Operate

On a daily basis, hundreds, if not thousands of news articles are published, all about the same issue. How do you know which is true?

Often your perspective is based on the journal you follow & read, and even when you know something isn’t quite right with the article, you don’t have the time to research it.

News Today

So, sometimes your journal can be a little misleading. As such we have taken it upon ourselves to bring you a list of qualified sources where you can read our brief, review all the information and create your own narrative.

We aim to deliver the news to you where you are:

  1. About WTX News – News briefings
  2. Email – in your inbox
  3. Social media news – Whichever platforms you scroll through, optimised for perfect delivery – we call it effortless browsing.

Our Mission

We will collect and organise all the important information in two formats, written and visual; to ensure you can get your daily dosage before your cup of coffee, chai latte or orange juice.

To keep you informed we will deliver your morning brief with a garnish of the things you need to function daily. This includes; weather reports, Travel updates, Forex updates, Updates on how the markets are performing, and Air Travel Updates, including best prices and live departures & Arrivals.

Keeping you on the move 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Stick with Us

WTX News provides commentary on the most important issues as well as a review of the main talking points.

Get ahead! stay informed and never miss important events like Brexit, big sports games, best travel spots, the weather warnings or when a TV show is coming on also get involved and share your reviews with the world.

Share it, engage with it and debate, the WTX way.


Social media news specialists

We optimise news for your consumption on the website and work as social media news specialists.

On Twitter, we provide a breaking news service and morning briefing of the top 6 stories

On YouTube, we provide a full news briefing for the UK

On Instagram, we have designed news stories that are short and direct to the point. To aid effortless browsing.

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