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The Latest Sports News – Italian

Deutsche Welle: DW.com – Sports Deutsche Welle: DW.com – Sports

  • Bundesliga: Bayern Munich go seven points clear…

    Bayern Munich have opened up a commanding lead at the top of the Bundesliga after RB Leipzig, Leverkusen and Dortmund all lost. The Bavarians are not at their best, but the chasing pack is too inconsistent to challenge. […]

  • Bundesliga Bulletin: Hertha Berlin fire Bruno…

    The Bundesliga schedule continued after midweek games and there was more drama in the top four and woe for those sides struggling to stay in Germany’s top flight. One club made drastic changes. […]

  • Opinion: With another title race over, the…

    At the midway point in the season, the Bundesliga title race looks like its over. Bayern Munich have taken a strong lead, an all-too familiar sight in the Bundesliga. What now, asks and answers DW’s Jonathan Harding. […]

  • Bundesliga: Dortmund dazed and confused after…

    Borussia Mönchengladbach secured another significant home victory in the Bundesliga, this time against Borussia Dortmund. Edin Terzic’s side are left out of the title race and with their season in danger of imploding. […]

Open Europe Forex Trading Tips, News & Stories

  • City Index Review – Expert Evaluation for 2021

    City Index, the global CFD and FX broker, was established in the United Kingdom in 1983 which means… The post City Index Review – Expert Evaluation for 2021 appeared first on Open Europe. […]

  • Charles Stanley Direct – Hands-On Review 2021

    Charles Stanley Direct is the online investment service offered by Charles Stanley Company. The company has over £25… The post Charles Stanley Direct – Hands-On Review 2021 appeared first on Open Europe. […]

  • AJ Bell Youinvest Review – A Comprehensive True…

    AJ Bell Youinvest is the investment platform offered by AJ Bell, a public limited company listed on the… The post AJ Bell Youinvest Review – A Comprehensive True Analysis appeared first on Open Europe. […]

  • Oanda Review 2021 – Pros, Cons, and Key Points

    OANDA is one of the oldest brands and has gained a substantial reputation over the years. It provides… The post Oanda Review 2021 – Pros, Cons, and Key Points appeared first on Open Europe. […]

Deutsche Welle: DW.com – Business Deutsche Welle: DW.com – Business

  • Virtual Davos aims to heal pandemic wounds

    The Davos summit is taking place this year against the backdrop of a crisis that has shredded livelihoods and widened inequalities. The annual event hopes to help drive a robust, green recovery. […]

  • High corporate debt dampens Russia’s growth…

    The economic crisis has trapped many in Russia’s small business sector with debt. But state corruption means few small and medium-sized businesses have an incentive to grow. […]

  • Top German labor court boosts equal pay procedure…

    Germany’s top labor court has ruled for a woman who was paid less than her male colleagues, ruling that the burden falls on her employer to prove that the disparity is not based on gender. […]

  • Czechs question Germany’s cross-border COVID…

    The deep economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic has contributed to the political minefield on the Czech-German border. Are Czechs the dangerous neighbors that a German newspaper called them? […]

Overview of Italy

Italian National Flag - An Overview of Italy

 Capital Rome  Religion Catholic  GDP $2.1 trillion  Population 60,431,283 Continent Europe  Currency EURO  Language Italian

An overview of Italy – Italy or Italia as it is known in Italian, is a full member of the European Union – EU

Flag of European Union - Italy is part of the EU and you can find an Overview of Italy at WTX News

Major Cities – MilanTurinThe VaticanNaplesSicilyFlorence – Bologna – Pisa


Overview of Italy – Italy is a cultural powerhouse. Located in the southern-central part of the European Union, it is a country stooped in history and tradition. The Unique boot-shaped borders extend into the Mediterranean Sea. The country’s historical cities are world-renowned. The cuisine and geographic beauty make it a popular destination for more millions of tourists each year. The nation is home to Mount Etna, Europe’s tallest and most active volcano, and houses two countries within its borders – The Vatican and San Marino.


Italy has been a unitary parliamentary republic since 2 June 1946, when the monarchy was abolished by a constitutional referendum. The President of Italy (Presidente della Repubblica), currently Sergio Mattarella since 2015, is Italy’s head of state.


The President is elected for a single seven years mandate by the Parliament of Italy and some regional voters in joint session. Italy has a written democratic constitution, resulting from the work of a Constituent Assembly formed by the representatives of all the anti-fascist forces that contributed to the defeat of Nazi and Fascist forces during the Civil War.


The Italian national tourism website has information for those wishing to travel or visit the country.  Information on your rights to live, work, travel and study in Italy, including access to healthcare and consumer rights, can be found on the official EU website.


Major Exports – Wine – Olive Oil – Pasta – Furniture – Art


Deutsche Welle: DW.com – Culture & Lifestyle Deutsche Welle: DW.com – Germany

  • Larry King: Legendary US TV host dead at 87

    The long-serving CNN presenter had recently been admitted to a Los Angeles hospital after testing positive for COVID-19. No official cause of death was given, but he had suffered several health problems in recent years. […]

  • Holocaust Memorial Day: #everynamecounts

    The names of 10 million victims of the Holocaust are recorded in the Arolsen Archives. For a week, these names will be projected publicly in Berlin, and shared with the world via livestream. […]

  • How street art influenced Arab spring protests in…

    In 2011, street artists used their creativity to voice dissent in Egypt as thousands of protesters clamored for a regime change in Cairo’s Tahrir Square. […]

  • Netflix, Amazon woo viewers in India with offbeat…

    Global streaming websites like Netflix and Amazon Prime are bankrolling new series, like Emmy-winner "Delhi Crime." They address social taboos rarely seen in mainstream entertainment in India. […]

Culture | The Guardian Culture news, comment, video and pictures from The Guardian

  • TV tonight: Katie Price opens up about her…

    The reality star explores Harvey’s chances of independence in adulthood. Plus: a Euphoria special. Here’s what to watch this evening Continue reading… […]

  • Girl A: Abigail Dean on her shocking debut novel…

    Has this Google lawyer written the book of the year? The part-time author talks about the inspiration for her thriller about siblings who flee abusive parents and their ‘house of horror’Abigail Dean was about to turn 30 when she suddenly realised that her job as a lawyer was using up all the oxygen in her life. “If I didn’t make a change,” she says, “I was going to still be there on my 40th birthday.” She took three months off, writing every day at Dulwich library in London, and ended up with the seeds of what would become her debut novel, Girl A.“You don’t know me,” Lex, or Girl A, tells us as the novel opens, “but you’ll have seen my face. In the earlier pictures, they bludgeoned our features with pixels, right down to our waists; even our hair was too distinctive to disclose. But the story and its protectors grew weary, and in the danker corners of the internet we became easy to find.” Continue reading… […]

  • Palberta: Palberta5000 review – losing their…

    (Wharf Cat)The wonderfully scrappy New York indie trio are broadening their style but don’t quite have the songs to matchPalberta are frustrating. At their best, the New York trio dig up the bones of punk-funk and post-punk, bolt them together and run a power line through for a giggle. Just as often, they sound like the scrag-end of dated hipster indie. Their new album edges Lily, Ani and Nina closer toward professionalism, with perkier production than they’re used to, although they don’t quite have the strength of songwriting to leave the scuzz completely behind.This brings the familiar problems for any basement band seeking to stride up the stairs and widen their appeal. The scrappy underdog bite of, say, their quarter-arsed, one-minute cover of the Bee Gees’ unimprovable Stayin’ Alive is swapped for a swathe of toothless tunes neither cool nor commercial enough to satisfy hardcore fans or find an entirely new audience. Continue reading… […]

  • Foggy nights, burnt out cars and marshland: Billy…

    It had the biggest fishing fleet in the country, the largest gasworks in the world – and wastelands full of things to smash. The singer revisits the landscape his childhoodIt was a strange feeling to lie abed on foggy nights in my childhood and hear ships’ horns echoing through the empty streets, the mournful sound carrying through the cold, still air. Living in an east London suburb, I was used to falling asleep to the sound of traffic and trains, but boats? Their voices in the mist were a ghostly reminder of a time when our town was home to the biggest fishing fleet in England.I recently cast my mind back to those formative years while writing an Ode to Essex for a series of essays to be broadcast on Radio 3, exploring the nature of this much-maligned county. Continue reading… […]

Travelling to Italy is usually very safe. It is one of the most developed nations in the world. However, the recent coronavirus breakout has sparked concerns when travelling to northern Italy.

  1. To prevent the spread of infectious disease health practitioners suggest you catch all your sneezes in a tissue and dispose of it immediately.
  2. Use hand sanitising gel regularly
  3. Use a face mask when in public
  4. Report to emergency services if you have flu like symptoms


So far the Coronavirus outbreak has not been contained. The World Health Organisation (WHO) is warning of pandemic outbreak as many nations including Italy, Iran and China struggle to stem the spreading of the deadly disease. 

Information about Coronavirus COVID-19

The Virus spreads through germs, when the infected person coughs, sneezes or is visibly sick. The person who coughs or sneezes should catch there cough/sneeze in a tissue and then dispose of it immediately.
In a typical setting, in the home, a virus can incubate itself and survive for approximately 24 hours. So always wipe down all surfaces, especially when you cook. Protect you and your family by using antibacterial wipes when you enter the home, from germs that may have been brought in from the outside whilst shopping.
If you are 2.5 meters away from the person who sneezes you should be safe from infection. Or give them a mask. If you feel you were closer than approx 2.5 meters then you should wash your hands with antibacterial gel and also wash your face with soapy water.
Drink and consume plenty of Vitamin C, although it is not a cure, it will help the immune system fight against the Coronavirus, COVID19.


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