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  • Bayern Munich on course for quadruple after…

    A few hours before Bayern Munich lifted their 20th German Cup, the club’s U23s were crowned champions of Germany’s third division. The victory has reignited the debate over Bundesliga reserve teams in the 3. Liga. […]

  • Daniel Thioune: Hamburg appoint first German-born…

    Hamburg have appointed Daniel Thioune as the club’s new coach on a two-year deal. Thioune is Hamburg’s fourth coach in two years and the first German-born Black coach in any of German football’s professional divisions. […]

  • Bundesliga playoff: Heidenheim’s Frank Schmidt a…

    Frank Schmidt is one of Germany’s great coaches, but few know about the Heidenheim head coach. With the Bundesliga within touching distance, that might be about to change. […]

  • Bundesliga transfer blog: Liverpool table Thiago…

    Liverpool have emerged as favorites to sign Thiago Alcantara, with the Spaniard ready to leave Bayern. Elsewhere, former Benjamin Henrichs looks set to join RB Leipzig on loan. DW has the latest transfer news and rumors. […]

Coronavirus: A guide to everything you need to know

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  • Coronavirus fallout: Cruising into the unknown

    Did the coronavirus kill the party for cruise operators, or did it simply put the boom on hold? As DW Senior Business Editor Ben Fajzullin reports from Hamburg, consumers can be astoundingly quick to forgive and forget. […]

  • Can India wean off its economic reliance on China?

    The recent border skirmish between the two Asian giants, the deadliest in decades, over the disputed border in the Himalayas could lead to an economic fallout and more protectionist tendencies in India, experts say. […]

  • Germany to overhaul regulator after Wirecard…

    Germany’s finance minister wants to beef up the nation’s financial regulator in the wake of the Wirecard scandal. The finance watchdog admitted its ineffectiveness in preventing the auditing disaster. […]

  • Turkey’s strategic play in Libya to help reap…

    Ankara is looking to harness its carefully-crafted relationship with Tripoli to shore up its own economy. Turkish firms’ decades-long experience in war-torn Libya could boost their chances as the nation rebuilds itself. […]

Overview of Italy

Italian National Flag - An Overview of Italy

 Capital Rome  Religion Catholic  GDP $2.1 trillion  Population 60,431,283 Continent Europe  Currency EURO  Language Italian

An overview of Italy – Italy or Italia as it is known in Italian, is a full member of the European Union – EU

Flag of European Union - Italy is part of the EU and you can find an Overview of Italy at WTX News

Major Cities – MilanTurinThe VaticanNaplesSicilyFlorence

Overview of Italy – Italy is a cultural powerhouse. Located in the southern-central part of the European Union, it is a country stooped in history and tradition. The Unique boot-shaped borders extend into the Mediterranean Sea. The country’s historical cities are world-renowned. The cuisine and geographic beauty make it a popular destination for more millions of tourists each year. The nation is home to Mount Etna, Europe’s tallest and most active volcano, and houses two countries within its borders – The Vatican and San Marino. Italy has been a unitary parliamentary republic since 2 June 1946, when the monarchy was abolished by a constitutional referendum. The President of Italy (Presidente della Repubblica), currently Sergio Mattarella since 2015, is Italy’s head of state. The President is elected for a single seven years mandate by the Parliament of Italy and some regional voters in joint session. Italy has a written democratic constitution, resulting from the work of a Constituent Assembly formed by the representatives of all the anti-fascist forces that contributed to the defeat of Nazi and Fascist forces during the Civil War. The Italian national tourism website has information for those wishing to travel or visit the country.  Information on your rights to live, work, travel and study in Italy, including access to healthcare and consumer rights, can be found on the official EU website.

Major Exports – Wine – Olive Oil – Pasta – Furniture – Art


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  • Greyhound review – Tom Hanks goes to war on the…

    Hanks plays a ship’s captain under attack from a wolf pack of Nazi U-boats in a tense and poignant second world war dramaTom Hanks has often found that the military or quasi-military uniform of a much-loved authority figure rather suits him: that sensitive, faintly rheumy gaze is often to be seen under a peaked cap or battered helmet. He was the container-ship captain in Paul Greengrass’s Captain Phillips, the heroic airline pilot in Clint Eastwood’s Sully, the teacher-turned-soldier in Spielberg’s Saving Private Ryan. Now he is the US naval commander Ernest Krause in this robustly old-fashioned second world war adventure, in which Hanks also makes his screenwriting debut, adapting the 1955 novel, The Good Shepherd by CS Forester.Hanks plays a captain during the Battle of the Atlantic who has finally been promoted. He had been given command of a destroyer with the call sign “Greyhound” and tasked with protecting vital supply convoys on their way from the US to Britain, through mountainous seas and surrounded by U-boats led by lethally cunning German sadists. Continue reading… […]

  • Hottest front-room seats: the best theatre and…

    From live-streams of new plays to classics from the archive, here are some of the top shows online now or coming soon – this page is updated dailyThe National Theatre at Home initiative has reached a huge global audience, with productions streamed for free online on Thursdays at 7pm and then available for seven days. Les Blancs by Lorraine Hansberry, directed by Yaël Farber and starring Sheila Atim, Danny Sapani and Gary Beadle, is available until 9 July. Then there’s The Deep Blue Sea, Terence Rattigan’s portrait of emotional turmoil in postwar Britain, staged by Carrie Cracknell and starring Helen McCrory (9-16 July); and Peter Shaffer’s Amadeus, directed by Michael Longhurst, with Lucian Msamati as Salieri and on-stage orchestral accompaniment by Southbank Sinfonia (16-23 July). Continue reading… […]

  • Follow the arrows to swoon at Cézanne: the…

    After years of packed exhibitions, Adrian Searle’s expectation of more space to appreciate great art was undermined by his inability to forget lockdown The National Gallery in London reopens to the public on Wednesday 8 July. Although access to the main galleries remains free, it is only possible via timed entry, using online-only booking. You can’t just find yourself in the neighbourhood and wander in. Visitors will also have to follow one of three designated routes through the galleries, all of which are signposted, with arrows on the floor pointing up the prescribed flow. Quite how this will work, and how much one can deviate or jump between Route A, which begins in the Sainsbury Wing, and routes B and C in the main galleries, both of which terminate in the Impressionist Galleries, defeated me on my press preview visit on Saturday. I get the feeling the few dozen of us wandering the galleries were guinea pigs for a system that needs to evolve in practice. “There will be two-metre social distancing measures throughout the galleries”, I read, and the gallery recommends, but does not stipulate, that face coverings be worn.I’m not much good at keeping to prescribed routes, always wanting to double back, take a second look or a random turn and even lose myself, so as to alight on something unexpected. Besides, in any public gallery with a good collection, it has for years been near impossible to linger with the best-known works. Try to stand your ground in front of Rembrandt’s Night Watch in Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum, or Velázquez’s Las Meninas in the Prado in Madrid, and you might get trampled to the ground. Try holding your place against the tide of visitors in the Hermitage when the cruise ships have discharged their human cargo into St Petersburg. In a big show of Vermeer in the Hague some years ago, visitors jostled one another for position and fistfights almost broke out in front of these quiet, small, intimate paintings. The atmosphere was tense. It was hard to look, let alone think. Continue reading… […]

  • From neighbourly romances to Zoom sex: the boom…

    One of the creative activities that has been given a fillip by lockdown is erotica. Those writing it explain how they’ve been inspiredWhen the first coronavirus-related erotica appeared on Literotica, one of the largest erotic fiction websites, in mid-March, the moderators were not sure if it was fit to print. Within a week, they were receiving a handful of sex stories relating to the virus every single day. As billions around the world went into lockdown, some people had seemingly found a new inspiration in isolation; quarantine-related porn started to appear online, and erotica writers began to self-publish lockdown romances on Amazon. “Quarantine has given me time to get back to writing,” Silkstockinglover, one popular writer on Literotica, tells me. “I wrote a dozen stories so far.”Given the influx of coronavirus-related erotica, the moderators decided to hold a contest. Love the One(s) You’re With saw more than 100 authors write erotic stories set during the pandemic, with thousands of readers voting on the best and the majority of the winnings going to charities. Each author faced a troubling challenge: how on earth can you make a global pandemic, ineffective national health plans, and circumstances that have led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people, romantic or sexy? Continue reading… […]

Travelling to Italy is usually very safe. It is one of the most developed nations in the world. However, the recent coronavirus breakout has sparked concerns when travelling to northern Italy.

  1. To prevent the spread of infectious disease health practitioners suggest you catch all your sneezes in a tissue and dispose of it immediately.
  2. Use hand sanitising gel regularly
  3. Use a face mask when in public
  4. Report to emergency services if you have flu like symptoms


So far the Coronavirus outbreak has not been contained. The World Health Organisation (WHO) is warning of pandemic outbreak as many nations including Italy, Iran and China struggle to stem the spreading of the deadly disease. 

Information about Coronavirus COVID-19

The Virus spreads through germs, when the infected person coughs, sneezes or is visibly sick. The person who coughs or sneezes should catch there cough/sneeze in a tissue and then dispose of it immediately.
In a typical setting, in the home, a virus can incubate itself and survive for approximately 24 hours. So always wipe down all surfaces, especially when you cook. Protect you and your family by using antibacterial wipes when you enter the home, from germs that may have been brought in from the outside whilst shopping.
If you are 2.5 meters away from the person who sneezes you should be safe from infection. Or give them a mask. If you feel you were closer than approx 2.5 meters then you should wash your hands with antibacterial gel and also wash your face with soapy water.
Drink and consume plenty of Vitamin C, although it is not a cure, it will help the immune system fight against the Coronavirus, COVID19.


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