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  • Coronavirus: Concerns over Champions League…

    The Champions League game between Atalanta and Valencia in Milan has been described as a "biological bomb" as far as the coronavirus is concerned. Yet thousands of fans also attended matches in Leipzig and Liverpool. […]

  • Coronavirus and sports: Borussia Dortmund return…

    Borussia Dortmund are due to return to training while still observing social distancing rules. Meanwhile, the IOC has confirmed new 2021 dates for the postponed Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics. Get the latest here. […]

  • Bayern Munich’s Hansi Flick: Coronavirus means…

    Bayern Munich coach Hansi Flick believes the only way to finish the football season is behind closed doors in "ghost games." Joshua Kimmich and Leon Goretzka have also revealed how much they are missing the sport. […]

  • Coronavirus: Sport in Belarus ignores crisis

    While sports all over the world are on hold, Belarus’s top football and ice hockey leagues are set to play in front of live audiences this weekend. Organizers of the women’s Super Cup are even offering free admission. […]

Coronavirus: A guide to everything you need to know

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  • Short-time work: A vital tool in Germany’s…

    Governments around the world have been fighting two battles against COVID-19, one of public health and one in the economic area. For the latter fight, Germany has resorted to the use of a familiar weapon. […]

  • Economic advisers: Coronavirus may see German GDP…

    In a special report published Monday, Germany’s panel of economic advisers to the government has warned a recession in Europe’s powerhouse is inevitable. In a worst case scenario, output will shrink by 5.4%. […]

  • Will coronavirus spark a wave of food nationalism?

    A handful of countries are hoarding food items to ensure supplies for their population as the virus crisis deepens. The export curbs could prove especially harmful for poorer nations that survive on imports. […]

  • Will the coronavirus mean failure for African…

    African startups have on average a roughly 50% chance of making it, according to a report. But country figures differ significantly, and the ongoing COVID-19 scare could hurt the continent’s entrepreneurs. […]

Overview of Italy

Italian National Flag - An Overview of Italy

 Capital Rome  Religion Catholic  GDP $2.1 trillion  Population 60,431,283 Continent Europe  Currency EURO  Language Italian

An overview of Italy – Italy or Italia as it is known in Italian, is a full member of the European Union – EU

Flag of European Union - Italy is part of the EU and you can find an Overview of Italy at WTX News

Major Cities – MilanTurinThe VaticanNaplesSicilyFlorence

Overview of Italy – Italy is a cultural powerhouse. Located in the southern-central part of the European Union, it is a country stooped in history and tradition. The Unique boot-shaped borders extend into the Mediterranean Sea. The country’s historical cities are world-renowned. The cuisine and geographic beauty make it a popular destination for more millions of tourists each year. The nation is home to Mount Etna, Europe’s tallest and most active volcano, and houses two countries within its borders – The Vatican and San Marino. Italy has been a unitary parliamentary republic since 2 June 1946, when the monarchy was abolished by a constitutional referendum. The President of Italy (Presidente della Repubblica), currently Sergio Mattarella since 2015, is Italy’s head of state. The President is elected for a single seven years mandate by the Parliament of Italy and some regional voters in joint session. Italy has a written democratic constitution, resulting from the work of a Constituent Assembly formed by the representatives of all the anti-fascist forces that contributed to the defeat of Nazi and Fascist forces during the Civil War. The Italian national tourism website has information for those wishing to travel or visit the country.  Information on your rights to live, work, travel and study in Italy, including access to healthcare and consumer rights, can be found on the official EU website.

Major Exports – Wine – Olive Oil – Pasta – Furniture – Art


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  • Antony Gormley and Grayson Perry help design the…

    A top team of visual artists – including Gormley, Perry, Jeremy Deller and Gillian Wearing – will this week launch an activity pack full of creative ideas for the coronavirus lockdown• See all our coronavirus coverage• Coronavirus and culture – a list of major cancellationsMark Wallinger hopes bored people everywhere will draw their own hand and put it in their window as a kind of nationwide wave and Jeremy Deller suggests we write songs about toilet roll.Michael Landy, an artist best known for destroying all his possessions, will tread more alarming ground. He will suggest children find something in the house they can take apart and get an adult to put it back together again. Continue reading… […]

  • The Beautiful South: how we made Rotterdam (Or…

    ‘I wrote it in a bar in Rotterdam. I’d been drinking all night and probably smelled. When they tried to move me on, I got really pissed off’ I wrote the lyrics to Rotterdam (Or Anywhere) sitting in a bar on the north end of Lijnbaan, Rotterdam’s main shopping street. The bar was modern-looking and not friendly at all. It was in January 1996, about three in the afternoon. I’d probably been up all night drinking, I probably smelled, and I’d walked into their bar and plonked my bag down. Continue reading… […]

  • What I’m really watching: Teen Titans Go!

    Continuing our series in which writers reveal the internet ephemera they’re actually bingeing in lockdown. Today, how DC’s show about superheroes goofing off stretches the limits of what a kid’s film can beThere is a delicate balance when it comes to screentime with young children. Exercise too little control and you’ll watch nothing but shrill fan-made Sonic the Hedgehog YouTube videos; exercise too much and you’ll end up screaming at them while they run around the house destroying things as a Studio Ghibli film plays unwatched in the background. I am speaking from very, very recent experience here.But sometimes you hit a sweet spot. Sometimes you find a film that services you and your children equally. A film that doesn’t lose its sparkle no matter how many times you watch it. A film that, when the kids have gone to bed, you’ve sat down and watched of your own volition. For my family – and your family too, if I have my way – that film is Teen Titans Go! To the Movies. Continue reading… […]

  • Paris lockdown leaves streets stuck in 1942 for…

    Two locations frozen in period of Nazi occupation after coronavirus interrupts filmingCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageResidents confined to their homes in a corner of northern Paris have been plunged back to one of the darkest moments of the city’s past. Continue reading… […]

Travelling to Italy is usually very safe. It is one of the most developed nations in the world. However, the recent coronavirus breakout has sparked concerns when travelling to northern Italy.

  1. To prevent the spread of infectious disease health practitioners suggest you catch all your sneezes in a tissue and dispose of it immediately.
  2. Use hand sanitising gel regularly
  3. Use a face mask when in public
  4. Report to emergency services if you have flu like symptoms


So far the Coronavirus outbreak has not been contained. The World Health Organisation (WHO) is warning of pandemic outbreak as many nations including Italy, Iran and China struggle to stem the spreading of the deadly disease. 

Coronavirus Health Check

The Virus spreads through germs, when the infected person coughs, sneezes or is visibly sick. The person who coughs or sneezes should catch there cough/sneeze in a tissue and then dispose of it immediately.
In a typical setting, in the home, a virus can incubate itself and survive for approximately 24 hours. So always wipe down all surfaces, especially when you cook. Protect you and your family by using antibacterial wipes when you enter the home, from germs that may have been brought in from the outside whilst shopping.
If you are 2.5 meters away from the person who sneezes you should be safe from infection. Or give them a mask. If you feel you were closer than approx 2.5 meters then you should wash your hands with antibacterial gel and also wash your face with soapy water.
Drink and consume plenty of Vitamin C, although it is not a cure, it will help the immune system fight against the Coronavirus, COVID19.


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