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The headquarters of the EU is in the multicultural city of Brussels. A beautifully developed and regained area called the European Quarter in Belgium has lifted the city to a global cosmopolitan city.

Geet Wilders, the Dutch populist leader, has abandoned his bid to become prime minister, despite his party’s dramatic victory in the 2023 elections. “I can only become prime minister if ALL parties in the coalition support it. That was not the case,” he wrote on X. 

It’s the second coming of Donald Tusk with implications well beyond Poland’s borders. Two months after a general election marked by a huge turnout comes a comeback for the center-right leader. Tusk’s first stint as prime minister was followed up by a move to Brussels where as president of the European Council, he found himself clashing with the leadership of his own country. 

US President Joe Biden backing on Friday the Western allies’ plan to train Ukrainian fighter pilots on F-16 fighter jets is “the most significant weapons announcement […] since the tanks were promised in February; arguably more significant, because while it doesn’t represent a step change in capability; what it does do is that it extends that asssistance into the air domain directly,” said Frank Ledwidge, a senior lecturer in military strategy at the University of Portsmouth. “It’s also interesting that the means by which this was leveraged to the United States was very similar; in other words, the British and one or two other powers in Europe got together in February and donated modern NATO tanks; much the same happened in terms of training promises and Prime Minister Sunak’s mention of a coalition for jets, which also pressured the US at this time as well. Although I suspect it wasn’t quite one following the other; I suspect there was a bit more co-operation than we’re led to believe.”

We need to protect EU citizens’ bank deposits: Italian economist and MEP Irene Tinagli EU

Talking Europe interviews Irene Tinagli, who chairs the European Parliament’s Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs, and is a prominent member of Italy’s Democratic Party (PD). She calls for the completion of the EU’s Banking Union to protect people’s deposits, and for an EU budget that is up to the challenges the bloc faces today. We also touch on the post-Covid national Recovery and Resilience Plans, especially Italy’s plan, and on the Italian government’s decision to declare a state of emergency as a significant influx of migrants arrives on Italian shores.

French President Emmanuel Macron and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen arrive in Beijing on Wednesday for a three-day state visit in a bid to dissuade China from supporting Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. But will the latest European leaders to visit China be able to manage the fine balance between trade and geopolitics?