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Scholastique Mukasonga’s powerful and heartbreaking debut book “Inyenzi or Kackerlackorna” has been released in Sweden, shedding light on the tragic events of the Rwandan genocide. The term “Inyenzi” or “Kackerlackorna” (Cockroaches) was used by the Hutu majority to dehumanize the Tutsi minority, setting the stage for the atrocities that followed.

Authorities in South Africa report that forty-five have died after a bus veered off a bridge, plummeting approximately 50 meters (165 feet) into a ravine. The sole survivor, an eight-year-old girl, sustained severe injuries and was rushed to the hospital. 

In Haiti, police have fatally shot at least three individuals while stopping an assault on the nation’s central bank. An employee informed AFP that a “group of criminals” targeted the Bank of the Republic of Haiti (BRH) on Monday, resulting in up to four casualties and one guard being wounded.

The captain of Nigeria’s Super Eagles football team has led calls to end online bullying against midfielder Alex Iwobi.

Some football fans have been trolling Iwobi on social media, blaming the 27-year-old player for their country’s 1-2 loss to Ivory Coast in Sunday’s Afcon final.