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USA News Today

WTX News hosts a live page and also live US news Today on social media. FacebookTwitterTiktok and Instagram where we provide all the latest news as it breaks around the United States.

Covering local USA News

Covering all the news from a local granular level within United States and then a national Federal look out how national policies shape the future in local communities.

Perhaps, you may think this sounds similar or even the same as what all the major news outlets offer but we have a difference and a specialism that nobody else does.

We provide a US news briefing service. It is America news online without the bias and polarisation that the mainstream news outlets bring. Specifically targeted and optimised for the eclectic newsreaders and those who don’t want to be marginalised by the bias that exists within media outlets.

US news Trump

This is why you need a news briefing service for the US news Trump, If you analyse the coverage oa all the media outlets of Donald Trump whilst in office and out of the office you will see clearly how the media organisations manipulated each story to serve a purpose.

‘US news Trump’ was so varied and biased with each US newspaper providing their take on events based on their political agenda’s. We and you may not always agree with everything President Trump but we should certainly not manipulate the information to create misinformation and fake news.

The US News Briefing Service

The US news briefing service provides a particularly unique feature where we provide a news briefing service which is a summary of all the US-based media outlets.

Thus allowing the informed reader the opportunity to consume all the news from each outlet without spending hours going through each site.

ABC News

ABC News is one of the premier news providers in the United States but they are placed with a political spectrum where they must balance their opinions with their sponsors and their political affiliations.

This creates a major problem for the newsreaders how do you know who to believe and how to separate fact from fiction?

With our news briefing service you can see the wood from the trees in plain sight – No nonsense no BS and most importantly non of the political nonsense you get these days.

Washington Post

Each morning you can expect to get a condensed version of the USA News from the Washington Post, summarised with the headlines and a quick briefing of the story with a link to explore the rest of the article.

Google news

What you get is the top articles of the day that are summarized in a briefing with the opinion and bias that will allow you to transparently see what bias and propaganda exist in the News cycles.

The most comprehensive news service in the market – better than the politically motivated google news app; which will support the parties who line their pockets.

Yahoo News and Apple News

Better than apple news- let’s face it they just push to throw their won advertising on your platforms, but coincidently hamper many articles that are against their gain as a company.

If you don’t believe us, try to search how nickel mining is being used to produce Apple phones and Apple laptops you will see how far you have to dig before the article surfaces.

MSN News

Corporations and big companies only have one thing they want to do, first to make a profit and second to fool you into thinking they care about what you care about. All they want is to sell you their products again and again.

We work to expose this corporate manipulation and we will ensure that you have access to the truth.

Work with us to share the truth in the United States and finally just to clarify one final point, we give you the facts so you can make up your mind and embark on a journey that suits you.

Our Mission at WTX News

That’s our project mission, not to simulate or assimilate but to be transparent and direct.

We are all on our own journeys in life, sometimes they may cross paths and sometimes they may not, but we will work night and day to present you with the information you need, not the information the big USA news companies and corporations who are funding them want you to see.


The announcement comes amidst escalating trade tensions between China, the US, and the EU. Just last week, Washington significantly increased tariffs on a range of Chinese goods, including electric vehicles (EVs), solar panels, and computer chips.

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