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A timeline of the news from the Palestine & Israel conflict.

Special news service to give you a complete and thorough outlook for all the news. We have three different places where you can get the latest news Palestine and breaking news from the Levant region.

  1. Palestine Live news website – that includes all the latest news from Palestine and Israel; breaking news, travel news, entertainment news, social media news. Israeli politics and political stories from Hamas.
  2. A timeline view of the Palestinian news stories as they happened, so you can assess and analyse the news daily.
  3. A live Israel and Palestine conflict page – that covers the conflict as it is happening today.

Palestine news daily

We have a live news page from Palestine dedicated to all the stories that break from the Palestinian territories and Israel as well as comprehensive coverage from the surrounding Levant area.

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Reporting from Palestine – Wtx News live

This region is notoriously problematic with news stories with Fake news and propaganda machines – small armies, taking to social media and bombarding it with fake news.

We have our own team on the ground reporting from the Levant region as well as massive overpopulated refugee camps in Jordan and the huge population of Palestinians who have emigrated to Amman.

Live Palestine and Israel conflict

We also have a dedicated page covering the news from the conflict that only focuses on the conflict at that time. To include the latest news from the conflict as it erupts and key social media takes from influential people in the region.

it is different from the Palestine news page because it is purely focused on the conflict and provides immediate live twitter style updates as they happen. From our team on the ground in Palestine and Israel and journalists from other news partners and outlets like Al Jazeera and Roya News.

We are keen to ensure our reporting is expressive and transparent, so we go to extra lengths to check out news sources and make sure we report from Israel and the Israeli perspective.


Israel’s PM Benjamin Netanyahu has confirmed he has set a date for a military offensive into Rafah, despite concerns that it will lead to even more civilian deaths. The southern city of Rafah is currently home to more than a million Palestinians who are sheltering there after being forced to flee. Roughly 1.5 million civilians are sheltering in tents and overcrowded camps.

Nicaragua has asked the UN’s highest court to halt German weapons sales to Israel at the start of a landmark case. Germany faces accusations of breaching the UN genocide convention by sending military hardware to Israel and stopping funding of the UN’s aid agency.

Israel has approved opening two humanitarian aid routes into Gaza following a strike on a food charity – which killed 7 aid workers, including three British ex-servicemen. Since the attack on the World Central Kitchen (WCK) charities have been pausing aid going into the territory due to concerns over staff safety.

A member of the Israeli cabinet has rejected allegations that Israeli forces intentionally targeted seven aid workers from World Central Kitchen (WCK) in Gaza. José Andrés, the founder of WCK, has accused Israel of systematically targeting his team members, vehicle by vehicle.

The World Central Kitchen (WCK) has said they will suspend operations in Gaza following the death of seven of its workers in Israeli air strikes. The WCK says the workers killed were British, Australian, Polish, Palestinian and a dual US-Canadian citizen.

The international food charity said the workers were part of an aid convoy leaving a warehouse in central Gaza.