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Do it from home - no camera needed - weekly routines to reach your goals.

Classes to suit your speed and development

The perfect way to start your day, with classes in the morning that get you stretching and your heart pumping, all done at different levels at your levels.

Fitness classes led by a PT instructor - Classes for you to be better

Qualified PT's

Qualified Personal Trainers will lead each class

Fitness Classes for you to join

Multiple classes

We have three different levels of classes running daily, so you can train at your pace.

Induction for fitness classes

Mix & Match

Your schedule is a mix of Cardio, form, stretching, shredding and yoga. And for premium members, you have mediation classes as well.

All led by specialists - Who work with you on your journey

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  • 4 LIVE PT Classes – So you can watch follow live*
  • News Briefing Access
  • Fitness
  • Virtual induction

YOU GET A FREE 7 DAY TRIAL of the Prime membership when you sign up for a Free Account.

*These 4 free classes will be in addition to the 7-day free trial where you will get a free daily class.

A mixture of classes - from getting fit to stretching and Yoga

Other Membership plans


Get Started
£ 7
  • Consult
  • Group classes
  • Fitness


Most Popular
£ 12
  • Induction
  • Archives
  • monthly plan
  • Fitness & Yoga


Most Popular
£ 29
  • 1-1 Induction
  • Focus sessions
  • monthly plan
  • Fitness, Yoga & Meditation

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