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insta talk series 2 fashion model fashion presenter jobs

Insta talk is a weekly social media lifestyle show that brings cultures of the world into a social show with Influencers, covering lifestyle issues, fashion and discussing international and global issues on a local level.

Made specifically for social media and the WTX News website you get everything in one unique place. A fashionista must-watch Latest trends from Dubai, London, Paris, Moscow and New York.

It’s a show that’s dedicated to men and women of all ages. Watch experts from the world give you the latest fashion tips, money-saving experts and free advice on socio-and economic issues. All in one place where you can enjoy Insta Talk and enjoy and share with your friends.

Simply put, it was a blend of TV and social media.

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Connect to the social world in one place - We do all the talking

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Insta Talk Episode 4

The influential


It is hard to see how fast fashion brands can be conscious if they are creating an endless window of buying opportunity rather than prompting consumers to buy less often and for the long term. But surely, we can turn the popularity of influencers into a positive?

Our Fashion Influencers don’t value Money Over Morals – They value life over fame. They are tasked with helping you save money but at the same time looking fabulous.

They are creating looks that are comfortable, fashionable and affordable.

Hosted By Dyna Fayz

Insta Talk is a storytelling space for FASHION + Stuff That Matters.

Each month we explore the relationship between fashion and important social issues such as mental health, climate change, body image and sustainability.

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Dyna Fayz Insta Talk presenter and London Life - WTX News Breaking News, fashion & Culture from around the World - Daily News Briefings -Finance, Business, Politics & Sports News


insta talk series 2 fashion model fashion presenter jobs
Sahar and Yahya on the Insta Talk fashion show.
Dave Shapira
Dave Shapira
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I love this show - I love watching it and find the fashion and culture tips insightful and educating
Delphine Leroy
Delphine Leroy
Brand Ambassador
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This is a show I want to be part of, I watch it every week, normally when I'm relaxing in bed but non the less , every week without fail. Rana is so much fun, watch her outtakes lol.
Eva Rossi
Eva Rossi
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Even though English is not my first language, i love watching the show and following every episode, I am particular moved by the episode dedicated to LEbanon.
Thomas Brose
Thomas Brose
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Dyna has so much energy and is so happy and easily excited by the guests and topics. I absolutely love the fact that they Producer does not sensor that. Genuine, fun and great presenters!

Dyna Fayz



Fashion Designer

Chef Daniel

Vegan & Lifestyle Coach

Sahar Khalil

Actress & Influencer



Sarah Edwards Knight

Hair and Makeup Influencer


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