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    Gold falls as the dollar recovers

    Gold price falls as Dollar rallies

    Gold price fell on Tuesday following the peak gains from the past week. The price fell as the dollar rallied, following comments from Jerome Powell,

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    Several arrested in Sweden over new Quran burning

    Swedish police have arrested two people and detained around 10 others after a violent riot broke out at a protest involving a burning of the Quran. Organised by Iraqi refugee Salwan Momika, its the latest incident among protests which have sparked outrage across the Middle East.

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    SEC 170231727 1280 - WTX News Breaking News, fashion & Culture from around the World - Daily News Briefings -Finance, Business, Politics & Sports

    ‘I am completely blown away’: This serum is giving thick lashes and growing brows, according to shoppers

    Augustinus Bader’s skincare sets feature this beauty, which is impressing shoppers (Picture: Augustinus Bader)
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    This Eyebrow and Lash Enhancing Serum has caused a bit of a sensation with customers, who are now fluttering their luscious lashes all lover the place.

    Currently, mascara feels like as much of a necessity for us as food and water. Mainly because without it, our eyes look as tiny as mole squinting.

    Plus, in a world of people blessed with long, full and curly lashes, the beauty gods appear to have had a day off when they made ours. Hence our short, sparse and straight pathetic excuses for lashes.

    But this serum is giving thrilled users lashes that flutter and brows that undo all the wrongs of early noughties over-tweezing, according to reviews.

    It works by strengthening and nourishing the hair follicles, which creates longer and fuller brows and lashes.

    Not only that, but this clever little serum supports more efficient hair follicle functioning, which means less shedding and faster growth. Sign us up.

    The multi-use serum from celeb-loved brand Augustinus Bader was tried and tested on a lucky batch of individuals, with 96% saying their lashes looked and felt healthier, 96% saying their lashes and brows felt fuller and 100% saying they saw results in as little as four weeks.

    In other words, this serum be doing the most. And then some.

    Just the bottle alone is pretty gorgeous (Picture: Augustinus Bader)

    The customers reviews for the product are also as banging as a Ricky Martin 90s hit.

    One happy customer said: ‘I am very pleasantly surprised by the fast results on both eyebrows and eyelashes…..soon I think mascara will be an option rather than a necessity! Wow!’

    And another added: ‘I am completely blown away with the number of new hairs. I went to have my brows tinted again today and my eyebrow stylist nearly fell off her chair. She was so impressed she ordered it immediately for herself.’

    ‘I like what I’m seeing,’ another mused. ‘My eyelashes have always been pretty nice but I can see they have grown more. My eyebrows have gotten a little thicker and darker.’

    MORE : This serum claims to ditch dark spots in 2 weeks – and ‘reduce wrinkles’ in 7 days

    MORE : Wrinkles be gone! Augustinus Bader drops skincare sets with The Rich Cream (with some big savings to be had)

    You can buy the Eyebrows and Lash Enhancing Serum on its own or really treat yo self and buy it as part of The Supreme Collection. It will set you back £1,200 but with a bundle of goodies, including their Rich Cream, The Body Cream and the incredible Face Oil, your hydrated glowing complexion won’t even care.

    Dry ashy skin? Never heard of her.

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    Ad Time For Vacation - WTX News Breaking News, fashion & Culture from around the World - Daily News Briefings -Finance, Business, Politics & Sports

    The United Arab Emirates

    The Dubai flag is the same as the nited Arab Emirates UAE and it stands for all middle eastern and human values - fashion, culture and love

    United Arab Emirates Country Profile

    Map of the United Arab Emirates UAE

    The United Arab Emirates or UAE is made of a federation of seven emirates along the eastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula. The United Arab Emirates, sometimes simply called the Emirates, (or pronounced Al Imarates – In Arabic) is a sovereign state in Western Asia at the eastern end of the Arabian Peninsula. It borders Oman and Saudi Arabia and has maritime borders in the Persian Gulf with Qatar and Iran.

    The Emirates was formally united in 1971, with the city of Abu Dhabi serving as the capital. 

    The UAE has seven states with Abu Dhabi as the Largest, Dubai as the second largest, Sharjah (Al-Shāriqah), ʿAjmān, Umm al-Qaywayn, and Raʾs al-Khaymah and Al-Fujayrah.

    #Dubai #AbuDhabi - Sheikh Zayed Mosque #Dubai Image of dubai - WTX News Breaking News, fashion & Culture from around the World - Daily News Briefings -Finance, Business, Politics & Sports Image of Fujariah UAE - WTX News Breaking News, fashion & Culture from around the World - Daily News Briefings -Finance, Business, Politics & Sports Image of Ras al Khaimah UAE - WTX News Breaking News, fashion & Culture from around the World - Daily News Briefings -Finance, Business, Politics & Sports Image of Sharjah - WTX News Breaking News, fashion & Culture from around the World - Daily News Briefings -Finance, Business, Politics & Sports image of Umm Al Quwain UAE - WTX News Breaking News, fashion & Culture from around the World - Daily News Briefings -Finance, Business, Politics & Sports


    The History of The United Arab Emirates UAE

    Historically the United Arab Emirates was a domain of individual Arab clans and families, the region now comprising the (UAE) emirates also has been influenced by Persian culture owing to its close proximity to Iran, and the spread of  Islam. Its porous maritime borders have for centuries invited migrants and traders from elsewhere.

    It is a Muslim country with Shariah law governing the states and one of the most important and influential countries in the Middle East.

    In the 18th century, Portugal and the Netherlands extended their holdings in the region but retreated with the growth of British naval power there; following a series of truces with Britain in the 19th century, the emirates united to form the Trucial States (also called Trucial Oman or the Trucial Sheikhdoms). The states gained autonomy following World War II (1939–45) when the trucial states of Bahrain and Qatar declared independent statehood.

    Key facts about the UAE


    The emirates comprise a mixed environment of rocky desert, coastal plains and wetlands, and waterless mountains. 

    The port city of Dubai, located at the base of the mountainous Musandam Peninsula, is the capital of the emirate of Dubai and is one of the region’s most vital commercial and financial centres, housing hundreds of multinational corporations in a forest of skyscrapers.

    UAE flag

    The UAE Flag is made up of Red, Green, White and Black. The UAE currency is Dirham but often US dollars are accepted in most places.

    The UAE national language is arabic and is spoken by all the idengenious population. With huge population of immigrants in the country Urdu/Hindi and Russain are widely spoken.

    UAE weather is normally super hot, often too sunny and hot in the summer months.

    UAE leadership

    The President is also the Commander-in-Chief of the UAE Armed Forces. The current President is Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, who became president on 3 November 2004, following the death of his father, Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan.

    The UAE’s President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed. (See here more info:

    UAE key history dates

    Add a couple of paragraphs about UAE’s history (Wikipedia style) followed by a bullet points list of top 5-10 key historic dates. (See here for more info:

    UAE culture (includes advice for foreigners and link to the Dubai page)

    This section can simply cover the top 5 DOs and DON’Ts when in the UAE and dispel any myths.

    UAE Festivals

    This is one of the better lists I could find – we simply need to produce a similar list (no copy/paste as that penalises the website):

    Doing business in the UAE

    The content of this section can be similar to this page:

    Please refer to these links too:

    UAE visas and entry requirements

    Includes a brief cover of the main visa types: tourism, business, medical, residency and links to the official UAE government website for more information and/or links to service providers that can assist with visa applications). See:

    UAE states, monarchy, political system and administration

    Travelling to United Arab Emirates is usually very safe. It is one of the most developed nations in the world. However, the recent coronavirus breakout has sparked concerns when travelling to the region.

    The Region is rolling out a mass vaccination programme. However, despite that some countries have placed the UAE on high risk list and vice versa. 

    Currently the UAE has a limited air travel policy into the region. 

    Here is the Official UAE Health and prevention website 

    1. To prevent the spread of infectious disease health practitioners suggest you catch all your sneezes in a tissue and dispose of it immediately.
    2. Use hand sanitising gel regularly
    3. Use a face mask when in public
    4. Report to emergency services if you have flu like symptoms


    So far the Coronavirus outbreak has not been contained. The World Health Organisation (WHO) is warning of pandemic outbreak as many nations including Italy, Iran and China struggle to stem the spreading of the deadly disease.