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Insta talk is a weekly social media lifestyle show that brings cultures of the world into a social show with Influencers. Covering lifestyle issues, fashion and discussing international and global issues on a local level.

WTX News proudly presents Insta Talk

Insta talk is a weekly social media lifestyle show that brings cultures of the world into a social show with Influencers, covering lifestyle issues, fashion and discussing international and global issues on a local level.

Made specifically for social media and the WTXNews website you get everything in one unique place. A fashionista must-watch Latest trends from Dubai, London, Paris, Moscow and New York.

It’s a show that’s dedicated to men and women of all ages. Watch experts from the world give you the latest fashion tips, money-saving experts and free advice on socio-and economic issues. All in one place where you can enjoy Insta Talk and enjoy and share with your friends

Insta talk explores the world of influencers and social media. Discovering new fashion trends and uncovering hot topics from the world of entertainment and glamour.

Insta Talk is a storytelling space for FASHION + Stuff That Matters.
Each month we explore the relationship between fashion and important social issues such as mental health, climate change, body image and sustainability.

A Good Influence

It is hard to see how fast fashion brands can be conscious if they are creating an endless window of buying opportunity rather than prompting consumers to buy less often and for the long term. But surely, we can turn the popularity of influencers into a positive?

Our Fashion Influencers don’t value Money Over Morals – They value life over fame. They are tasked with helping you save money but at the same time looking fabulous.

They are creating looks that are comfortable, fashionable and affordable.

Do the clothes we wear reinforce a sense of identity? The fashion industry provides us with a way to express our true identity, ultimately leading to a feeling of empowerment. Consequently, if we are satisfied that our outfit choice adequately reflects our idea of self, then it is likely that we will have increased self-confidence and a positive mindset for the day ahead. Fashion, for many, offers the chance to communicate creativity and uniqueness. Importantly, fashion is not limited to the clothes we wear, but includes how we style our hair, do our makeup and choose to accessorise.

Why we are on social media

Social TV is an emerging communication technology that refers to real-time communication and interactivity involving shows on television or online TV and other content displayed on televisions. Put it simply, it was a blend of TV and social media.
The core idea behind today’s social TV movement was to make television a more active content experience for audiences. It shows in the primary trend of today’s social TV: integration of social networking into the TV show so people watching at homes can communicate electronically with friends and strangers watching the same shows.

Our host Dyna Fayz will be interviewing talented guests, CEO’s, entrepreneurs, celebrities, entertainment professionals, influencers and thought leaders to share with our audience tips, lessons or stories to inspire and aspire.

There are our very own fashion stylists and makeover specialists that will bring you the latest and hottest looks that are trending on social media.

No topic is off-limits in Insta Talk including point of views on what it takes to create and maintain fulfilment & happiness in all areas of life including family

Watch, like, comment and share Insta Talk on social media and be sure to use #instatalk and mention us with @instatalk

Press Kit

WTX News proudly presents Insta talk (IT), a weekly lifestyle show made just for social media!

Insta talk is a storytelling space with a global culture at its core. We explore fashion, entertainment, lifestyle and global issues through the help of leading social media influencers and experts.

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Business story

WTX News is an independent news publisher based in the UK. As well as publishing we broadcast news on various partner TV stations based globally.

With our new service Insta Talk we’re bringing experts and influencers into one space to discuss the latest hot topics and to further explore the world of social media. Offering up tips, lessons and stories aimed at inspiring and bringing the audience together.

Aimed at men and women of all ages, we’re putting a wide range of issues under the microscope, making sure there’s something for everyone.

Meet the Team


Dyna Fayz

Dyna is an anchor and presenter at WTX News. She’s a qualified mathematician with a passion for Journalism and Media. Insta talk is a weekly social media lifestyle show that brings cultures of the world into a social show with Influencers.

Dyna has over 10 years experience in the broadcasting industry, having presented live and entertainment shows both in the UK and internationally.

Rana Al Sayyed

Rana AL Sayyed has been one of the most fashionable TV presenters since 1994 with MBM, Dubai TV, Ann London.

Fashion has been her passion ever since she was a kid, after achieving a bachelors in psychology, gaining a wide vision of people’s desires, needs, inner feelings and how that can impact their looks and lives, she used this by linking it to several courses she has been taking with Esmod Institute, Art of designing by SME, which allowed her to link people’s psychological mindsets with the science of fashion impact, the colours, shapes, sizes cuts, matches, trends, that influence by every detail the individual itself and the community as a whole.

Chef Daniella Malfitano

Chef Daniella Malfitano is a chef of 15 years and an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach who loves empowering people to enjoy the abundance of plant foods to attain and sustain personalized optimal health. Her experience in the kitchen, on stage, and behind the camera has led her to work with individuals and industry-leading companies as a trusted wellness expert and culinary health educator. She is also the creator and host of the YouTube series My Choice Kitchen, a family-friendly cooking channel about eating and living well that explores the benefits of cultivating a colourful, joy-filled life through food, and Plant-Based Made Easy, weekday Live cooking and nutrition lessons on Facebook @chefdaniellamalfitano and on YouTube at Plant-Based Made Easy.

Weekly Contributors & Influencers

Yvonne Ridley

A powerhouse presenter, journalist and author, Yvonne is quite simply a legend in the game, fighting for justice and standing up for the small guy. She will be remembered as the northerner who always stood on the right side of history.

Born in the North East of England surrounded by pits, steelworks and shipbuilding industry, Yvonne Ridley is extremely proud of her working-class roots which she says is part of her DNA. She entered journalism straight from school and has enjoyed an award-winning career, breaking through several glass ceilings on the way.

Lucy Luscelles

Lucy Lascelles is a health and beauty influencer based in London. She focuses on finding and sharing the most effective results-driven health and beauty tips.

Hatem Alakeel

This space is all about changing perception when it comes to fashion, style, art, culture, photography, travel, personalities, women’s wear, men’s wear or anything aspirational.

I will, of course, be sharing with you my work and the journey I take to bring it to life and to you. I feel that my calling has always been about changing perceptions and breaking the stereotypes that usually accompany traditions whether they are eastern, western or global traditions.

My diverse exposure to some of the most wonderful cultures and my encounters with amazing people have both shaped the person I am today and I have been itching to share my experiences and vision with you. Welcome to my world where dreams of fashion come alive by inspiring collaborations.


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