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Free Health & Fitness classes

Join our community and enjoy our free exercise classes and be part of something spiritual, something refreshing and something special.


A new way for you to keep our GLOBAL COMMUNITY moving, fitter and healthier. Beyond their go-to at-home workout during the pandemic, where you do some sessions and miss some, with our community spirit together we will stay connected and push each other together.


We work to create a lifestyle experience to help you grow and develop your fitness and health levels, with qualified nutrition and Fitness specialists to help lend a hand whenever you need it.


All our sessions are live, led by a qualified instructor daily. You get to pick and chose the days you train.


Additionally, you will also get full access to our website and get a morning news briefing to optimised for relaxation to help relax and focus your mind.


We work on the MIND BODY & SOUL – Mindful techniques and special meditating classes are also included in our premium membership. 

Join The Ride

WTX GLOBAL COMMUNITY moving beyond their go-to at-home workout during the pandemic.


Home workout regime in 2021.

What you will gain?


Start your fitness journey or maintain it, we are with you


We focus on your overall health and wellbeing.


Mental wellbeing is an essential part of looking after yourself.


Reach High levels of intensity

Feel Good

Free Exercise classes for everyone – you’ll shed unwanted fat, build lean and toned muscles.

Build Your strength and Stamina


We are a community working towards a better and healthier future

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Be Better

A mix of cardio and full-body toning will get you where you want to be.



This is designed to get you going, starting with the basics on how to stretch your body to help it recover. Very easy to do and different levels of classes to accommodate all users.


We will include a short Full-body workout, to get your heart pumping. 

A perfect class for beginners who want to start.


Full-body workout, similar to the “Standard” class but a bit more challenging. Good for those who already workout.


A perfect balance between high-intensity cardio and bodyweight workouts.


Our Yoga class is a great way to discover the activity. Open to everyone, you will work on your posture and breathing.


A sequence of exercises that link breathe and movement.


Pilates is classed as a muscle-strengthening activity, which can help you maintain a healthy weight.


Classes can vary in intensity: they can be gentle, or dynamic we will fit you into the right group and help you grow.


Agility, Muscle, strength and conditioning.


Meditation and mindfulness classes are part of our premium package.


With more and more people working from home and battling stress these classes are essential to a healthy lifestyle. 


Conditioning your mind, body and soul.



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  • 4 Classes
  • News Briefing
  • Fitness


1 Account
£ 12
99 Month
  • 20 Classes
  • News Briefing
  • Fitness, Yoga


Family Account
£ 29
99 Month
  • 2 Focus Sessions
  • 40 Classes
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All About You

Sometimes you have good days and bad days. But if you do some exercise daily you will improve your mood. Choose your program based on your lifestyle or your mood.

Our daily classes are limited to 100 places per class based on a first come first serve basis.  But don’t worry we have multiple classes running during the day.

All our classes will be led by professional instructors and will last from 30 to 60 minutes long. Sign up today to avoid disappointment. Pick you, class, from the list below and let’s all stay active together.

Remember you only need an internet video connection to get started.



Additional Classes

Some of the additional classes we will be running

A 100% cardio-training that will challenge your limits! The perfect way to build up your strength and stamina! No strengthening on the floor here, only a fun sequence of high-intensity cardio exercises to the rhythm of lively music.

The CARDIO-FLEX activity is an interval training that combines cardio training, muscle strengthening, active recovery and dynamic stretching. It is perfect to reach a high-intensity level of effort within a minimum of time!

Lose weight, tone up and get in the best shape of your life. A dynamic mix of cardio and full-body toning workouts is waiting just for you. Equipment-free workouts. All you’ll need is a mat. These premium-picked bodyweight exercises will give your muscles that burn they need.

Watch as your body fat disappears with these challenging (and fun) total-body cardio workouts. You’ll shed unwanted fat, build lean, toned muscles and get in the best shape of your life. A mix of cardio and full-body toning will get you where you want to be in just a few weeks.

A class led by our instructor to teach you how to improve or add vegan menus to your diet

Our community is a collective group of amazing people striving to build a better future.

Come join us and let’s do this together. Free Exercise classes for everyone – you’ll shed unwanted fat, build lean, toned muscles and get in the best shape of your life.