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People are raving about this IPL device (PIcture: Rose Skin Co)
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Hair removal is a big deal for many of us. Particularly if you feel like going a week or so without a shave leaves your bare legs looking like a pair of fuzzy leggings. Just us?

But for some it’s so much more, with one woman left in tears after using this IPL hair removal device after previously battling rapid hair growth caused by PCOS.

‘I suffer from PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) and one of the symptoms is excess hair,’ she said of Rose Skin Co’s Lumi. ‘I had to shave my face every single day for years and I was absolutely fed up it (as any woman would be).’

She added: ‘Give this device a try and I promise you will not be disappointed! I honestly cried while writing this review, that’s how happy I am so far!’

Lumi is a handheld device that tackles the hair at the root and destroys them with light pulses. But there’s no pain, no burning and no damage to your hair. Best of all, it stops hair from growing back for long-term reduction.

And right now it’s on sale, with an epic pre-Black Friday discount until November 20, where shoppers can get 25% off Rose Skin Co, site-wide, plus free shipping (no code needed, discount(s) will be reflected on site).

They claim you can really see the results after just four uses and get the full finish between 8-12 uses.
Rose Skin Co Lumishop £142 (save £50)
Customers have described this device as ‘life changing’ (Picture: Rose Skin Co)

The device is a game changer for at home hair removal (Picture: Rose Skin Co)

Honestly, is this not music to your ears? Especially considering during our last bikini wax we had to take a friend for moral support and lay there deep breathing like we were in labour.

And have you looked at the prices of professional laser treatment? We can barely afford butter in this economy.

Plus, the last time we tried to shave our nether region, we blunted the blade. In about two seconds…

If you still need convincing, just check out the reviews.

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One satisfied customer said: ‘I was worried about taking the plunge with a device like this – I’ve never used one of these before – but 8 weeks in, I’m glad I did! The hair on my leg is almost gone & my underarms have a noticeable difference too.’

Another said: ‘The Lumi changes the game for at home hair removal,’ whilst one commented that it was ‘literally life changing’.

Consider us influenced *adds Lumi to card and proceeds rapidly to checkout*.