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Sue Gray report released, the PM’s apology and the reaction

Sue Gray report released, the PM’s apology and the reaction

A look at how the media has reacted to the release of the hotly-anticipated Sue Gray report – the probe into law breaking at Downing Street during Covid lockdowns in 2020 and 2021, and the prime minister’s statement on the findings.

Cristiano Ronaldo injury - what’s going on in the Manchester Untied dressing room and who’s to blame for their continued poor performance

Cristiano Ronaldo injury – what’s going on in the Manchester United dressing room

Cristiano Ronaldo injury – what’s going on in the Manchester Untied dressing room and who’s to blame for their continued poor performance

Cristiano Ronaldo’s return to Manchester United ushered in excitement for fans who believed the number 7 legend would help turn the team’s string of poor performances around. But the team have done little to improve – even after sacking Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and with Ronaldo absent for the recent Manchester Derby (Man U losing 4-1 to City) due to a reported hip problem, there has been conflicting stories on what’s happening with the superstar in the dressing room.

Former United legend Roy Keane has said Ronaldo’s apparent hip injury “doesn’t add up”, there has been claims Ronaldo’s sister has confirmed he isn’t injured – claims he’s upset Man U players by flying home to Portugal, amid more stories about wider issues within the club.

Huge Russian military convoy advances on Kyiv

Has Russia been lying about the strength and skill of its military?

For so long, Russia has used the strength of its military to bully and intimidate – but the invasion of Ukraine has left many asking questions. There’s no doubt Russia didn’t expect the will of the Ukrainians – they’re fighting like heroes to protect their country, but what has come as a bigger surprise – the Russian military really isn’t as good as we’ve been made to believe.

Canada’s trucker protests - racism and violence on the border! And celebrities are supporting it!!!

Canada’s trucker protests – racism and violence on the border! And celebrities are supporting it!!!

In Canada, the truck drivers’ protests on the border have got the whole nation talking. Truck drivers turned up at the border in big rigs to protest vaccine mandates and Covid-19 measures.

Organisers, some of which have a history of white nationalism and racism, inisited the protests would be peaceful, but reports coming out suggest it’s anything but.

The protests – dubbed the Freedom Convoy – were sparked by a vaccine mandate for truckers crossing the US-Canada border, implemented by PM Trudeau. The rule means unvaccinated Canadian truckers crossing the two nations’ boundary would have to quarantine once they’re returned home.

The protests have spurred interesting headlines and reports. There have been images of protesters turning up with Nazi symbol flags, racial slurs and defacing a statue of Terry Fox.

But celebrities such as Trump, Elon Musk and Russell Brand have thrown their support behind the protesters.

Who is Sue Gray and can we trust her findings?

Who is Sue Gray and can we trust her findings? 

Sue Gray is the UK’s most talked-about woman right now, but who is she? 

Sue Gray is a senior cabinet office employee who works for the government and has been tasked with investigating allegations of parties held at Downing Street whilst the UK was in lockdown due to Covid-19. 

MPs and the public have been calling for the PM’s resignation since the parties – some of which he attended and was aware of – came to light. The PM has apologised for the parties but urged MPs to wait for the Sue Gray inquiry into the alleged law-breaking parties, which is expected to be published later this week. 

The parties were held at a time when parties were banned and you couldn’t see your friends or families and loved ones were dying alone in hospitals. 

The papers describe Sue Gray in different ways – some highlighting her former job as a pub landlord, whilst others focus on her reported character. The Guardian is amongst the papers that highlight fears the report will not be published in full and others question how fair the report will be.

Is Britain really too dangerous for Harry and Meghan?

Prince Harry can’t come home 

Harry and Meghan are back in the news after Harry’s legal team released a statement explaining his legal fight for the right to personally pay for police protection whilst he and his family visit the UK. Harry wants to bring his children – Archie and Lilibet – over to the UK so they can get to know their father’s home country. 

The statement was released due to the fact a UK tabloid had the story. It is believed the tabloid in question is the Daily Mail – as that is the only national newspaper that ran the story on the same day. 

Novak Djokovic Australia - update 

Novak Djokovic – Australia visa circus 

The ongoing Novak Djokovic visa row continues to dominate the news – with the public firmly split on whether the No 1 tennis star should be deported. 

The papers reflect the uncertainty of Djokovic’s situation – with some headlines looking at whether he will still end up being deported, if he’ll be banned from the French Open – admit France’s crackdown on anti-vaxxers and where he stands with Wimbledon. 

The tabloids highlight the absurdity of pseudo-medical therapy, whilst most papers are running stories from fellow tennis players with a pro-vaccine stance. The general tone from the tennis community is that he should be vaccinated to play at the Australian Open and that he’s created a circus of it all. 

There’s also a political spin to some stories – a few papers are questioning Nigel Farge and the right-wing’s sudden interest in Novak Djokovic. 

Virginia Giuffre: Prince Andrew accuser's deal with Jeffrey Epstein to be released

Prince Andrew: Will the case against him be dismissed?

Prince Andrew’s lawyers will argue in a US court later today that the civil sexual assault lawsuit against the Duke should be dismissed.

Andrew is being sued by Virginia Giuffre for allegedly sexually assaulting her 20 years ago – when she was a teenager.

A sealed document made public on Monday showed convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein paid her $500,000 to end her claim against him – and agree not to sue any other “potential defendant”.
While the settlement with Epstein does not mention the prince by name, his lawyers say the deal means she cannot sue him.

Prince Andrew has consistently denied the allegations.

The newspaper coverage of the lawsuit range from wanting to see the prince face the consequences and not allowing Virginia Giuffre to be ‘silenced’. Others downplay the allegations against him, while some publications look ahead to what the prince is up against if the case isn’t thrown out today.

Is it time for Boris Johnson to resign?

Is it time for Boris Johnson to resign? 

The fallout of the Downing Street party allegations has been dramatic, with Keir Starmer accusing the Prime Minister of “playing games” and many urging for Boris’ resignation. Do you think the Prime Minister should quit?

The Prime Minister has been rocked by a series of scandals and political fallouts over the past few months and now images of the PM attending what appears to be a wine and cheese party during the first lockdown have emerged. Is it the final straw? Many headlines are calling for the PM’s resignation but his loyal papers are remaining strong in their support. 

Will there be another lockdown before Christmas as omicron cases rise?

Will there be another lockdown before Christmas as omicron cases rise?

The emergence of the omicron variant of the coronavirus in southern Africa last month is causing concern around the world, not least because it is thought to be highly transmissible and because the 32 mutations of its spike protein suggest it might be able to resist current vaccines.

On Monday, the UK confirmed the first death from the new variant globally while health secretary Sajid Javid estimated that the rate of omicron infections was already at around 200,000 per day, with the strain expected to become dominant in London within 48 hours.

NHS England meanwhile announced that it will return to its highest level of emergency preparedness, level four national incident, meaning that the NHS response to omicron will be coordinated as a national effort rather than led by individual trusts.

All of which came as 54,661 new Covid cases were recorded as part of the official figures, plus another 38 deaths.

Boris Johnson’s government has been relatively quick to act this time around and has imposed its first social restrictions on the public since his ill-conceived “Freedom Day” of 19 July. – (The Independent) 

Several papers are reporting Britain will not face another lockdown due to the success of the vaccine rollout whilst other headlines are stressing the importance of the booster to avoid restrictions. 

Most papers are discussing what a potential lockdown would look like this time around compared with the UK’s last lockdown – perhaps an indication the papers are fully aware a lockdown could happen.

The No 10 Christmas Party scandal

The No 10 Christmas Party scandal 

Claims Boris Johnson and his staff hosted Christmas parties at No 10 whilst the rest of the country was in lockdown has been the latest scandal to rock the UK government. 

So far, denials from the government have sounded less than convincing and MPs have come out to confirm the stories. The press (both national and international) are having a great time with the latest f*ck up from the government. 

The Telegraph suggests “one moment, they insist that the parties never took place; the next, they insist that everyone present observed Covid regulations”. The headline takes a sarcastic tone with “There was no Christmas party in No10… and anyway, the guests followed all the rules”. 

The Metro reports “Journalists at No 10 Christmas party are trying to bury story” as it picks up on comments from former aide Dominic Cummings who says senior political journalists are trying to ‘bury’ the story of an alleged Christmas party in Downing Street – because they were there.

The Times’ headline reads: “Boris Johnson put under more pressure over No 10 Christmas party claims”. The article reports on comments from Kit Malthouse as it looks at the pressure on the prime minister. 

The Daily Mirror reports “Families’ fury at Boris Johnson’s ‘sickening’ boozy lockdown Christmas parties scandal” as it focuses on the grieving relatives of Covid victims.