US horror over three mass shootings over Easter weekend

US horror over three mass shootings over Easter weekend

US horror over three mass shootings over Easter weekend

America saw three separate mass shootings over the Easter weekend, leaving the country reeling. 

Two teenage boys were killed and eight injured after gunfire at a party in a home in Pittsburg early Sunday. Whilst the other two mass shootings – both in South Carolina – left 18 people with bullet wounds. 

The mass shootings have reignited calls for meaningful gun control laws in the United States. 

Pittsburg shooting – two teen boys dead

In Pittsburg, police attended the address on Suismon Street where at least 10 people have been shot at about 12.30 am Sunday. 

Several of the victims were taken to a hospital by first responders, including two 17-year-old boys whom doctors later pronounced dead. Others who were shot but survived took their own rides to the hospital. 

The investigators said at least 50 shots were fired in the home by multiple people who had been drawn into some sort of fight. A handful of other partygoers who were injured but not shot suffered broken bones and cuts whilst escaping out of the home’s windows in an attempt to get to safety. 

There has been no immediate announcement of any arrests, though Pittsburgh police chief Scott Schubert, pledged that his officers were “going to do everything [they] can to get those responsible.” 

“This shouldn’t have happened,” Schubert said in an afternoon news conference. “We’re sick about it.”

US horror over three mass shootings over Easter weekend

Airbnb issued a statement saying the person who had rented the home had now been banned from using the service for life because the person violated the company policy banning parties. 

Police say the violence broke out at a party being thrown in the rental – which roughly 200 people attended, mostly younger than 18, according to a police statement. 

US mass shootings in South Carolina

Early on Sunday, gunfire rang out at a nightclub in Hampton County, South Carolina, leaving nine people injured. None of the wounds reported was fatal, said officials. 

The bloodshed occurred at Cara’s Lounge, about 80 miles west of Charleston. Only hours earlier, around 90 miles north a separate shooting at a mall in South Carolina’s capital of Columbia left nine with bullet wounds. Those injured ranged in age from 15-73 and one man – Jewayne Price, 22, was jailed following the shooting. He is accused of unlawfully carrying a pistol and his bail is set at $25,000. 

More high-profile shootings elsewhere in the US

The mass shootings come as many American Christians prepared to attend church for Easter Sunday. They occurred after at least two other high-profile shootings elsewhere in the US. 

A shooting in downtown Sacramento on 3 April left six dead and 12 injured. Another, on Tuesday, left 10 shot on a New York City subway.

Police have arrested suspects in both the Sacramento and New York City shootings.


No bail for New York subway shooter, with psychiatric exam pending

My fellow New Yorkers – we got him – Mayor Eric Adams



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