The sun rises over Kyiv – Waiting to confirm President Zelenksy survived after a battling night

President Zlelenksy is alive and fighting

As Russian missiles bombarded Kyiv, President Zelensky was radio silent. But he emerged a few minutes ago with one message:

“We are here,” he said in a video, flanked by his top advisers. “We are in Kyiv. We are protecting Ukraine.”

The centre of Kyiv remained in Ukrainian hands in the early hours of Saturday morning as intense fighting overnight appeared to stem the advance of Russia’s military towards the city.

Ukraine shoots Russian drone

Ukraine shoots a Russian drone in the Black Sea.

The Russian drone targeted a Ukrainian border guard ship overnight on Feb. 26, but Ukrainian forces shot it down near Chornomorsk, Odesa Oblast.

The sun rises over Kyiv after a battling night

The sun is rising in Kyiv and people hiding in the dark and cold subways are waking from the moments of sleep after a really ‘tough night’ where Zelensky was on the streets with the Ukrainian Army.


DAY 3 LIVE - Russian invasion of Ukraine - Live reporting from Ukraine
DAY 3 LIVE – Russian invasion of Ukraine – Live reporting from Ukraine

Did Zelenksy survive after a battling night?

Did Zelensky survive the night? We are waiting to confirm if President Zelelnksy survived the night after staying in Kyiv to defend the city with the Ukrainian army.

Our sources are working hard as the sun rises over Kyiv to find the answer.

At 3.03 am a military base was attacked by the Russians.

Putin is getting opposition at home

“I believe the war must be immediately halted” – Communist Party State Duma deputy Mikhail Matveev becomes the first Russian federal level lawmaker to oppose the Ukraine invasion.