Tesla ‘no driver’ car kills 2 men in Texas crash 

Tesla ‘no driver’ car kills 2 men in Texas crash 

Tesla crash – ‘no driver’ car, 2 men dead in Texas highspeed crash

US media have reported that two men were killed in a crash in the US state of Texas while riding in a Tesla car that police said almost certainly had no one behind the wheel. 

The car was driving at high speed when it slammed into a tree and burst into flames, the Wall Street Journal reported, quoting Harris County Sheriff Mark Herman. 

“Our preliminary investigation is determining – but it’s not complete yet – that there was no one at the wheel of that vehicle 

“We’re almost 99.9 per cent sure

When police arrived on the scene, one of the victims was sitting in the front passenger seat and the other in the rear seat. 

Police have not yet determined whether the driver-side airbag had deployed and whether the car’s driver assistance system was engaged at the time of the crash. 

Watch: Tesla ‘no driver’

On its website, Tesla warns that the driver assistance systems it offers do not make the cars fully autonomous and that active driver supervision is necessary. 

But videos regularly show Teslas with drivers asleep or without their hands on the wheel for extended periods of time. 


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