UAE opens visa free travel for Israeli citizens

UAE opens visa free travel for Israeli citizens

Visa free travel for UAE and Israeli citizens. The United Arab Emirates and The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that their citizens will be allowed to enter the UAE and Israel without a visa, starting next week.

Minister Ayelet Shaked made the announcement and said that Israeli citizens and Emiratis will be able to travel to each other’s countries without a visa starting Sunday, Oct. 10.

UAE opens visa free travel

Those who are travelling to the UAE for tourism or business will not need a visa. However, those who plan to study, get a job or volunteer in the UAE, or for are travelling religious reasons, will still need a visa.

If COVID-19 infection rates continue to decline, Israel plans to allow vaccinated tourists to enter the occupation at the end of October.

Previously, Israelis visiting the UAE had to self-quarantine for two weeks due to high coronavirus infection rates in the Gulf state.

The two parties had signed a visa waiver agreement in January, but the agreement was suspended soon after due to the pandemic.


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