Palestinian prisoners unanimously decide to suspend mass hunger strike

Palestinian prisoners unanimously decide to suspend mass hunger strike

Palestinian prisoners, in a unanimous decision, decided Wednesday to suspend the planned collective hunger strike after the Israeli Occupation met its demands, most notably ending the collective punishments imposed on prisoners after the Gilboa prison break.

The mass hunger strike was announced on Tuesday in response to increased Israeli Occupation aggression and attacks on Palestinian prisoners since the Gilboa prison break last week, also known as Operation Freedom Tunnel, in which six Palestinians escaped from the heavily-fortified Israeli Occupation prison by digging a tunnel beneath the sink in their cell with spoons.

According to the inmates’ statement, the Israeli occupation was clearly concerned about the consequences of the mass hunger strike, so they stopped the mistreatment that had been taking on since Operation Freedom Tunnel, which “means that the battle accomplished all of its goals before it even started.”

“As a result, the captive movement agreed to call an end to the strike in an unified and harmonious manner. We, the Prisoner Club, salute the heroes of the tunnel operation as well as all of our steadfast prisoners in occupation prisons, and we urge all factions and national institutions to learn from this experience and continue to work together in the fight against occupation “the statement came to an end.

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