Brutal Modi preparing to inflict cruelty on all Kashmiris, says Khan

Brutal Modi preparing to inflict cruelty on all Kashmiris, says Khan

Prime Minister Imran Khan has said his Indian counterpart, the brutal Narendra Modi is preparing to inflict cruelty on all Kashmiris.

The ruling party (PTI) has given a severe response to Modi over India’s invasion and control of Kashmir. And the cruelty inflicted on the Kashmiri people. The PTI issued a notice saying there would be a protest when Modi travels to the US and, in this regard, PM Khan has issued directives to his party’s international chapters.

Imran Khan has said the PTI’s New York chapter should bring together the community and Human Rights organisations against India’s aggression in Kashmir. Adding, considering the United Nations Security Council’s (UNSC) resolutions and bilateral agreements, India had no right to illegally occupy Kashmir.

The Lockdown in Kashmir

Wednesday marked the 17th consecutive day of the curfew and lockdown. India removed Kashmir’s special status earlier this month with India troops killing four Kashmiris in the region’s Baramulla district.

Just one day earlier Indian forces detained 30 people overnight in an attempt to control protests. Kashmiri’s have been demonstrating in the city despite the phone and internet services being blocked. There is also a ban on public gatherings and the detention of hundreds of political leaders and separatists.

Prisons Overflow as 6000 arrested in Kashmir – Curfew for 3rd week!



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