Hosepipe ban in north-west England

A hosepipe ban, comes during what is believed to be the longest heatwave since 1976. This will affect 7 million people in #NorthWest

Millions of people, especially in the North West of England will be affected by the first hosepipe ban of the summer in England.

After a summer heatwave, arguably the best summer for a decade, United Utilities said a temporary ban affecting seven million people in the north-west of England from 5 August would “safeguard essential supplies”.

It said reservoir levels were already low and that hot weather was forecast for the rest of July.

The ban prohibits the use of hosepipes or sprinklers for watering private gardens and washing private cars are banned.

Watering private gardens with a (reasonably sized) watering can and washing vehicles using a bucket and sponge, which uses a fraction of the amount of water a hosepipe or sprinkler uses, is permitted.

Other water companies across England said they had adequate supplies and had no plans to impose similar bans.

Carlisle and north Eden Valley, which have reasonable supplies, are exempt from the United Utilities ban in north-west England.

Many customers are perturbed by the ban and are seeking some form of compensation or reduction on bills. In this heat, being restricted on water use is difficult ot comprehend. Especially when other nationwide water companies have not imposed similar temporary bans.

A temporary use ban, comes during what is believed to be the longest heatwave since 1976. With temperatures in the late twenties for over a month, reserve water levels have been depleted.

As United Utilities is moving water around its regional integrated network of pipes and running a campaign to encourage customers to use water wisely. And has stated the power to impose fines of up to £1,000 for people who flouted the ban.

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