Marcus Rashford urges government to keep £20 universal credit top-up

Footballer and poverty campaigner says ministers should focus on efforts to end the ‘child hunger pandemic’ and keep the £20 universal credit top-up.

The footballer Marcus Rashford has urged the government to end threats to social security payments and focus instead on practical measures to address what he called the pandemic of child hunger affecting the UK.

Rashford’s call accompanied new figures which estimate that nearly one in six families with children experienced food insecurity during the past six months, meaning they skipped meals or struggled to afford to eat healthy food regularly.

“What is it going to take for these children to be prioritised? Instead of removing support through social security, we should be focusing efforts on developing a sustainable long-term roadmap out of this child hunger pandemic,” he said.

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Marcus Rashford urges government to keep £20 universal credit top-up

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