Can you get compensation for your travel disruptions?

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British Airways faces paying out millions of pounds in compensation after the failure of its computer systems led to long delays and cancellations over the weekend.

Passengers are facing a third day of disruption as the airline deals with the impact of a worldwide IT crash. There are EU regulations governing compensation for cancelled flights leaving from EU airports.

In 2014, two UK Supreme Court judgements stated airlines should have to pay out when a delay was caused by a technical fault, which appears to have happened in this instance with BA.

The amount of money reimbursed depends on the length of delay and whether it is a short, medium or long-haul flight. Expert advice is available.

Compensation could be more than £500, depending on the distance of the flight. But compensation is not automatic. If you do not act you may be left to pay the cost yourself. Many options are available, you can either try to run the compensation yourself or contact a specialist firm who will run it for you.

An additional point to consider is if you paid for your ticket with a credit card, then the Consumer Credit Act comes into play, and you could well get money back that way.

Passengers whose journeys are disrupted have been urged to keep any food, transport or accommodation receipts and can make a claim in due course through our customer relations teams. Customers displaced by flight cancellations can claim up to £200 a day for a room (based on two people sharing), £50 for transport between the hotel and airport, and £25 a day per adult for meals and refreshments. However being displaced in a high-value city like London may be able to claim more and should keep all receipts.

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British Airways tweeted on Friday, getting everyone excited about the weekend ahead, disruptions and chaos, cheeky!

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