The top 5 Hammams in Marrakech

The Best Spa's in Marrakesh



When you arrive, the first room you’ll be shown is the least glamorous: the changing area, where you strip down to your boxers (or bikini) and don a robe. Then you head to the hammam itself, a dim and humid room and through the steam, your attendant will point out a slab to lie face down on. The fun now begins.

The massage rooms are lit with only a few candles, and soft music plays. Off comes the robe again, and as you lie on the massage table and get all your muscle tissues slowly reinvigorated, any stress related to taking an hour to get out of the medina, or overpaying for a teapot, will fade very quickly away.

Here is our pick of luxury hammams that are perfect for winding down after a hectic day in the red city:

Heritage Spa: very luxurious, with a bewildering range of treatments including three hammam variations and six types of massage. Also, specialises in face care.

Spa MK: a highly regarded private hammam in one of Marrakesh’s most exclusive boutique riads. The “Evening Pampering Package” includes hammam, massage and a five-course tasting menu at Gastro MK.

Les Deux Tours: treatments at this Palmeraie hotel include deep tissue and Ayurvedic massage, plus time before and after in the pool.

Hammam de la Rose: a stylish spa hidden away in the medina, offering a “four hand” massage, in case your stress knots are too much for one masseur alone.

Les Bains de Marrakech: one of the city’s first private hammams and still one of the best. They even make their own beauty products for use in the spa.

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