The Guardian - World leaders welcome Israel-Hamas ceasefire

The Guardian - World leaders welcome Israel-Hamas ceasefire

The Guardian front page features a picture from the Princess Diana interview with  Martin Bashir. The front page also features the news of the Israel-Gaza ceasefire after 11 days. 


‘Deceitful and damaging’ 

The paper reports  ‘furious’ Prince William’s comments on the inquiry into how Martin Bashir secured an interview with his late mother, Princess Diana will only “deepen the crisis” at the BBC. 

Israel approves ceasefire in Gaza bombardment 

The paper says Israel’s cabinet has approved the ceasefire to stop the 11-day ‘bombardment of Gaza.’ The paper says the ceasefire came about after days of international pressure. 

UK civil servants given just five to find huge aid cuts 

Also on the front page is the news UK civil servants were given just five to seven days to prepare £2.9bn equal to  30% in overseas aid cuts in the summer of 2020. The cuts included a £730m cut to bilateral aid that later emerged was unnecessary. 

The Guardian online headlines

Mandatory voter ID will cost £40m over a decade, Labour estimates

The Guardian online reports on a ‘controversial policy’ to make all voters show photo ID to be able to vote in future elections will cost around £40m in extra government spending over a decade, according to Labour, calling the policy “a total waste of taxpayers’ money.” 

UK like an ‘enemy state’ to EU nationals detained by Border Force

The Guardian online reports EU citizens in the UK reveal how they are met with threats and suspicion and fear they will be refused entry at the UK border for the first time. The Guardian says it is fuelling fresh fears that Border officials have not been trained in the new Brexit rules. 

EU decision to add UK to travel ‘white list’ to be delayed due to Covid variant fears

A decision in Brussels to add the UK to an EU “white list” of countries from where tourists will be welcome this summer is to be delayed, due to concerns over the Indian Covid-19 variant, according to the Guardian.

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