Inspirational female leaders 2020 – Maia Sandu: ‘Deadly threat’

maia sandu: ‘Deadly threat’

Inspirational female leaders 2020 - maia sandu: ‘Deadly threat’

WTX has nominated its most inspirational female leaders of 2020 and Moldova’s first-ever woman president, Maia Sandu is the last-minute nominee who must be added to the list.

Sandu, at the age of 48, has been elected as Moldova’s first female leader after a run-off with pro-Russia Igor Dodon, who got 42.2% of the vote.

On 24 December 2020, Maia Sandu made history when she took the office as state president projecting a pro-E.U. and anti-corruption platform. 

What makes a woman inspirational?

maia sandu 2020

Maia Sandu left home in 2010 to grab a great opportunity in education, getting a Harvard Kennedy School degree and securing a job at the World Bank in Washington.

What makes her different from everyone else is that she decided to stay committed to her purpose of repairing a corrupt system in her country, which she returned to.

A few seasons later the technocrat joined the Cabinet, running for prime minister in of one of the poorest countries in Europe with a pro-Europe political party.

The current president of the small former Soviet republic had to face billionaire oligarchs and pro-Russian Socialists in the office. 

Yet, in 2012 Sandu was appointed education minister bringing some important and modern reforms on the table. Study shows that bribes to educators were cut down by 50 per cent and that was one of the most important achievements of hers.

But from her position, she wasn’t able to do much. The very outcome of her frustration was the foundation of a new political party in 2015, the Party of Action and Solidarity.

Even though she didn’t win the presidency, drawing 48 per cent of votes helped her gain the credibility her party needed. So when elections took place in February 2019, Sandu worked with the old-guard, pro-Russian Socialists to eliminate the wealthy oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc whose several allies backed down and left the country in their private jets.

In June 2019, Sandu became prime minister, promising to follow a policy of “de-oligarchization.”, as she previously proved to be true. Everything ended in November 2019 when she was removed with a no-confidence vote because she refused to back down from her determination to bring her country to a non-corrupt plan of action.

“I will definitely continue the fight,” Sandu told HKS Magazine following her ouster. “The situation in my country is difficult, especially because voters who believe in democracy continue to emigrate, but I am still hopeful for Moldova and will work hard to contribute to building a democratic country, with good governance.”

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Moldova has the 23rd highest global gender gap in the world and this fact concludes the importance of her presidency in 2020. Sandu was sworn in on 24 December 2020 in the Palace of the Republic. 

Amongst others, President Vladimir Putin of Russia congratulated Sandu. In a statement: “I expect that your activity as the head of state will contribute to the constructive development of relations between our countries. This would undoubtedly meet the fundamental interests of the people of Russia and Moldova.”

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen tweeted her congratulations message to the winner, Maia Sandu. The European official reiterated that the EU is ready to support Moldova.

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Maia Sandu's facts

When was Maia Sandu born and when is Maia Sandu’s birthday?

Sandu was born on 24 May 1972.

maia sandu world bank

She worked in Washington, D.C. for the World Bank as Adviser to the Executive Director (2010-2012)

Who is Maia Sandu?

She represents the Action and Solidarity Party, she was part of the Liberal Democratic Party between 2012 and 2015.

maia sandu education

  • Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova (1989-1994)
  • Academy of Public Administration, Chișinău (1995-1998)
  • John F. Kennedy School of Government – Harvard University (graduated in 2010)

maia sandu husband

Not available.

maia sandu familie

“I am proud of my family – a family of good, household and strong people. As the families of Moldova are. Thank you to Angela Brașoveanu for the honest talk, about many things in my life untold until now.

My father was a man who couldn’t stand the abuse and theft, he fought with them determinedly and in the workplace, and in the district, even if he suffered from it. My dad was a role model for me in everything.

From my mom I learned that all things are important – you can ′′ save the world ′′ by taking care of your own family and raising responsible and respectful children with nature and people around or fighting with the transgressions in the system.”

maia sandu net worth

Her net worth has been growing significantly in 2018-19. How much is Maia Sandu worth at the age of 48 years old? Maia Sandu’s income source is mostly from being a successful prime minister. Her net worth in 2020 is $1 Million – $5 Million. Please only use it for guidance. Her actual income may vary.

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Maia Sandu Takes Oath Of Office As New Moldovan President

What is a strong woman quote?


“Where have we ever seen democrats voting against democracy and socialists voting against social assistance?”  – Maia Sandu


Your Vote Counts

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At WTX News we believe in listening to our audience. And to make it as fair as possible we will give you the opportunity to pick the best out of 15 women who changed or made an impact on the world in 2020. There are no losers in this list, but we would like to create an order, so don’t forget to vote for your favourite. 

What does an inspirational woman mean for you? Leave your comments below or on our social media. Make sure to stay tuned to find out who are the other 14 candidates for the – most powerful woman in the world of 2020 – award.

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