Sylvester Stallone ‘categorically disputes’ sexual-assault claim from second accuser

Sylvester Stallone denies rape allegation from 27 years ago

A second woman has accused actor Sylvester Stallone of sexual assault, filing a police report last month in Santa Monica, California, according to US Media.

Both incidents suggest the incidents happened in the 90’s, which puts it outside California’s 10-year statute of limitations for sexual assault.

In mid-November, Stallone was accused of sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl in Las Vegas while shooting a movie there in 1986. He would have been 40 at the time.

Actor Sylvester Stallone on Thursday denied an accusation that he raped a woman in the 1990s and said the allegation was “completely fabricated.”

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‘Thorough investigation’

Santa Monica police spokesman Lieutenant Saul Rodriguez said: “I can confirm we received an allegation of sexual misconduct involving Mr Stallone.

“The [alleged] victim came forward to report the incident in November 2017. The alleged incident occurred in the early 1990s in Santa Monica.”

A “thorough investigation” will be made before the case is presented to the district attorney, he said.

Lt Rodriguez told the Reuters news agency the accusation could fall within California’s complex statute of limitations for criminal prosecutions of sexual abuse.

He is among a string of Hollywood figures to be embroiled in the scandal that erupted in the wake of producer Harvey Weinstein being accused of sexual harassment and assault.

Stallone, 71, rose to fame in 1976 with his Oscar-winning boxing movie “Rocky” and went on to become one of Hollywood’s biggest action stars through the “Rambo” and “Rocky” film franchises. He is one of the most iconic actors in Hollywood and perhaps the most popular to be embroiled in the sex scandals in Hollywood.

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