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If you want to submit a letter to the WTX News Website
If you are submitting a letter to the editor and would like it to be considered for publication in our TV shows or our publications,including this website, please make sure to include your name, email address, location, and telephone number. 

The editorial department is responsible for

  • Gathering the news
  • Shot listing news features
  • Editing the features

The department includes not one but many editors responsible for different sections or regions. The editors include the photo editor, the design editor, the layout editor and once you send us your inquiry we will forward it to the relevant department..

It is also important that you check the spelling and grammar before sending it us, and as company policy we will not publish any racist or offensive material.

We take all contributions seriously and as a National & local News publisher we can, in most occasions post your letter in either the national or local news sections.

Please allow 7 days for the publishing of your letter, however, due to the volume of inquiries we cannot always guarantee to reply to each and every one of you.


You May also post your copy to: ( Please note we cannot post any copies back to you. If you are sending and ‘original’ and require it back, please include a self addressed envelope to:

WTX News

Editorial Department
30-34 Every Street

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