A Look at through the expectations of 2017 - from around the world.

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As we warm into 2017, expectations and worries around world’s economy are increasing. For an overview of both domestic and global markets, take a little light reading with you a and understand the opportunities and challenges 2017 will bring, we sat through the best picks, so you don’t have to. Be down with the experts and get the lowdown on the year gone by and their expectations in the year ahead. From house prices to exports, there are reasons to be cheerful this year despite concerns over Brexit negotiations


China 2017 growth may further slow down: Special Report. The China Daily European Edition.

What’s moved money, oil and shares in 2016? BBC News

House price predictions for 2017. BBC News

Why the UK economy could fare better in 2017 than forecasters predict. The Guardian

What will be the biggest influence on the global economy? Answer: Trump. The Independent

Not Brexit, but Bremain & other ‘outrageous predictions’ from Saxo Bank. Rt News

Here’s what to expect from Pakistan’s economy in 2017 Dawn News

The media we need in 2017. Al Jazeera

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