Actor has met Americans who dont know black people live in London

Star Wars actor says he ‘met Americans who didn’t know black people live in London’

John Boyega says he’s met Americans who didn’t know black people lived in London.

The 27-year-old, who grew up in Peckham by British-Nigerian parents, believes such attitudes are fuelled by the under-representation of black UK talent.

Whilst promoting his first film, Attack The Block he told the Radio Times: “I’m black British and I’m from London.”

“And that in itself is something that the world doesn’t know about yet. I met American people – civilians of a first-world country- who were confused that there were black people in London,” he continued. 

Boyega went on to describe why representation in popular culture is so important: “That’s why entertainment is so special, it’s a great chance to bring people together and open them up to things they haven’t seen before.”

In 2016, the actor set up his own production company – Upperroom Entertainment Limited – which aims to make films that speak for his culture.

He is set to return to our screens in the next instalment of the Star Wars franchise on December 19. 



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Star Wars actor says he ‘met Americans who didn’t know black people live in London’
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