Trump Lashes out at Meghan calling her 'Nasty'

Trump Lashes out at Meghan calling her 'Nasty'

President Trump has shattered the etiquettes of diplomacy when the President lashed out at the Mayor of London and the Duchess of Sussex.

It all started before he left the US when, in an interview with a pair of tabloid British newspapers, the president waded into British politics and Brexit, and then moved purposefully onto to attack the Duchess of Sussex.

President Trump landed in the United Kingdom yesterday morning, beginning a three-day state visit, and he hadn’t even landed on the ground before he started lashing out insults on Twitter. He slammed London Mayor Sadiq Khan, a frequent Trump critic, by calling him a “stone cold loser” and mocking his height.

Not satisfied with attacking the Mayor of London, he then turned his attention to Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex.

He accused the newest royal, Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex by saying she was a “nasty.” piece of work, all because she refused to attend the banquet at Buckingham Palace.

He later tried to backtrack on what he said by saying ‘he said he never said that’, but it’s on video.

Prince Harry avoided Trump and Melania at the state visit to Buckingham Palace and appeared to lag behind on the formalities.

Trump’s visit will also include a trip to Buckingham Palace to meet with Queen Elizabeth and experts have suggested that the President should exert some self-control and respect the country who have graciously extended a state visit to him. Especially, to a Royal.


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