BJP aide killed for defeating Gandhi in Indian elections

Opposition supporters who despised him for being the driving force behind the election of Irani.

A member of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) who served the minister who defeated Congress party chief Rahul Gandhi for a seat in parliament, was shot dead last night.

Surendra Singh who served the candidate Smriti Irani a former television actress and dogged minister in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s cabinet.

In one of the biggest upsets of the election that handed the BJP a second term, Irani beat Gandhi in the Amethi constituency, which had been held by his family for the last four decades, in Uttar Pradesh.

Singh worked closely with Irani and distributed sweets and paraded with celebrating supporters on Friday, a day after the election results.

An electioneering aide was seen as one of the driving forces behind Smriti Rani, and reports suggest that he was killed by opposition supporters who despised him for being the driving force behind the election of Irani.

He had gone to sleep on the veranda outside his home when unidentified gunmen shot him, Amethi Superintendent of Police Rajesh Kumar told Reuters on Sunday.

“Some unknown people have fired on him and he died due to firearm injury,” however the locals are convinced they were gunment form the Gandhi party.

Seven people have been arrested in Uttar Pradesh and officials were unable to provide any further information.

Indian elections took places over a two-month period which was a demonstration of the largest democracy in the world with over 800 million registered voters.


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