Saudi Arabia launches 13 airstrikes in Yemen

Saudi Arabia launches 13 air strikes in the Yemeni Capital Sanaa, near the airport

Saudi Arabia launches 13 air strikes in the Yemeni Capital Sanaa, near the airport, targeting an airbase

Saudi Arabia has launched 13 air strikes targeting an air base Near Sanaa’s airport, in Yemen.

The Saudi led coalition, targetted the air base as reported to the local media, said 13 air strikes targeted al-Dulaimi Air Base in Sanaa as well as Sanaa Airport.

Saudi Arabia has been under fire for its harsh war tactics used in Yemen, with international humanitarian agencies claiming the Saudi led coalition to has driven the country on the brink of famine.

Saudi Arabia, supported by the US, has alleged that the Yemeni Houthis are insurgents backed by the Iranian regime.

According to the Saudi Arabia News Agency (SPA) said the raids targeted drone maintenance sites, a communications system and locations of drone experts and operators.

The Saudi-led coalition, which said previously that Houthi forces were using the air base in the capital to launch drone and ballistic missile attacks.

“Planes have been flying for more than an hour, and sounds of violent explosions rocked the north of the city where the airport and the military base are located,” said one of the residents.

According to a recent report issued by the Higher Relief Committee, the Saudi’s and Houthis continue to exacerbate the humanitarian crisis.

The official Yemeni news agency said that the Houthi’s have started stockpiling for Ramadhan, by attacking supply lines.

The launch of a ballistic missile towards Riyadh in November 2017 prompted the Saudi-led coalition to tighten its blockade of Yemen.

The Houthis control much of north Yemen, including the capital Sanaa. The Saudi led coalition have been fighting since March 2015 against the Houthis, as Yemen suffers one of the worst humanitarian crises for decades.

Yemen, one of the Arab world’s poorest countries and the war has devastated the country’s infrastructure and driven much of its population to the brink of famine.

The UN says at least 7,025 civilians have been killed and 11,140 injured in the fighting since March 2015, with 65% of the deaths attributed to Saudi-led coalition air strikes.



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