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The Venezuela conundrum

The violence at the border bridges prompted Colombia to order the aid trucks to turn back. Colombian migration authorities also said they would close down the area's four border crossings until Monday

The violence at the border bridges prompted Colombia to order the aid trucks to turn back. #Colombian #migration authorities also said they would close down the area’s four border crossings until Monday


I wish I knew exactly what is going on in Venezuela as border towns resembled war zones on Saturday.

The mainstream media, including the BBC, said President Nicolás Maduro had blocked humanitarian aid from crossing from Colombia and Brazil.

However, those loyal to Maduro reckon this is blatantly interfering in his presidency designed to undermine his leadership and destabilise the country.

I wonder how Theresa May would feel if the Russians decided to deliver humanitarian aid by ships to British people who are forced to survive from food banks in the UK?

With all the Brexit predictions and madness unfolding who knows, we may all be in need of emergency medical aid and food supplies!

As it is Venezuelan troops apparently killed two civilians as they fired tear gas and rubber bullets at protesters attempting to collect and transport the aid.

The opposition wants the aid to go to people hit by the economic crisis but Maduro sees it as a publicity stunt and security threat.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo described the burning of some of the aid as “sickening” but since it is obvious America is leading the campaign to oust Maduro, he would say that wouldn’t he?

As conflicting reports pour out of Venezuela we can only look back at history and judge our gut reaction to what is happening there.

Sadly the US has a terrible history of interfering in South American politics, destabilising countries and funding coups and counter-coups.


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