Candidates line up for US presidential campaign

White House - The president and first lady on the south Balcony

Candidates line up for #US #presidential campaign to challenge #Trump for the #Whitehouse

I see Senator Elizabeth Warren is mulling over the idea of throwing herself into the ring for the presidential campaign on behalf of the Democrats.

Well, it would be nice to see a woman in The White House but gender really shouldn’t be the issue. I just hope American voters choose wisely next time and give gameshow hosts, fading Hollywood stars and political dynasties like the Bush, Kennedy’s and Clintons a wide berth.

There are those pushing for Michelle Obama and, having read her memoirs, I’m mightily impressed by her credentials but have a gut feeling she won’t want to put herself forward … this time around.

How about nominating someone who stands up for human rights, justice and fair play? There are another 13 months to go before the Iowa caucuses, let’s hope the Democrats choose wisely and the Republicans have the guts to get rid of the petulant fool who currently holds the keys to America’s most famous house.


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