Karen McDougal former Playboy model free to discuss Trump ‘affair’

Karen McDougal former Playboy model free to discuss Trump ‘affair’

A media group agreed to release an ex-Playboy model, Karen McDougal from a deal that stopped her from discussing an alleged affair with US President Donald Trump, both sides confirmed Wednesday.

The deal was reached between American Media Inc. which owns tabloid magazine The National Enquirer and model Karen McDougal.

In 2016, American Media acquired the rights to her story, which it never published, in return for $150,000 and commitments to promote her fitness career.

Under the settlement, American Media has the right to up to $75,000 of any future profits from her story.

It ends a lawsuit brought by McDougal and protects Trump from being drawn into a legal case involving efforts to buy the silence of women during his 2016 campaign, The New York Times said.


The president faces a separate lawsuit from the adult movie star, who wants to extricate herself from a hush agreement in which Cohen paid her $130,000 before the 2016 election. Trump denies any affair with McDougal.

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