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This Weekends Weather forecast for Birmingham & The Midlands Area

This weekends Weather forecast for #Birmingham, #Nottingham #Warwick: The Midlands Area - Quick 30 Second update on the Outlook of this weekend in September

The weekends Weather Forecast 16/09/2017: for Birmingham & the Midlands 

Forecast Summary

  • Today

    A bright but chilly start, with the morning mist or fog patches soon clearing. A few light showers will develop this afternoon and although some could turn heavy in some places, there will still be some sunny spells in between.

  • Tonight

    A dry and cold night. Any showers will clear during the evening, leaving a dry night. It will turn chilly with clear spells, and some patches of mist or fog may form in rural spots.

National Weather Forecast: Summary

UK Today

A chilly start, with sunshine and showers again for many.

Sunshine and showers through the day with some turning heavy in the afternoon. The South has a risk of hail and thunder. Overcast outlook with Cloudier skies for a time across western Scotland and Northern Ireland, with longer spells of rain likely.

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This is a quick round up of today’s weather forecast for Birmingham and the Midlands. Watch it on your way to work or just before you head out for a morning of errands, helps you prepare your day.

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