President Donald Trump to visit UK in 2018

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Downing Street and the White House are believed to be looking at options for the visit of President Donald Trump is likely to come to the UK next year. This is following the previous uproar that surrounded his intentions to visit earlier this year. Although officials will deny those claims, it has become a sensitive issue for the PM.

On the one hand, she has to mitigate the Brexit effect and on the other with her public image taking a battering, she must consider the public perception as well.

Mr Trump accepted the Queen’s invitation for him to travel to Britain on a state visit when UK PM Theresa May visited Washington in January. But the prospect of a state visit caused much controversy and reportedly led Mr Trump to change his mind.

Nearly two million people signed one of a number of petitions saying Mr Trump should not be invited to the UK on a state visit. It was said he did not want to visit while there was potential for protests against him.

Senior politicians, including Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and former Lib Dem leader Tim Farron who called Mr Trump “an embarrassment to America”, said the visit should not go ahead.

This is definitely a tough juggling act for the PM, a narrow margin in the ‘Snap-Election’, a fragile government and Brexit. All this will take its toll on the Torys Party’s image and popularity. The halls of Whitehall have started whispering, suggesting she won’t last longer than next summer.

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