Will Trump, Theresa May Revive ‘Special Relationship’

Theresa May travels to Philadelphia on Thursday to address Republican leaders at an event attended by the US president. On Friday, Mrs May will be the first world leader to hold face-to-face talks with Mr Trump in the White House.

Downing Street knows that many British voters are sceptical about Trump and his populist policies, some of which he has already taken steps to put into action. it will take some doing, to put aside all the PM’s personal inhibitions towards the man, the PM must persevere as the stakes with Brexit are so high.

Trump is stirring up emotions across the world Women’s Marches in cities across the world last weekend to protest against his stance on women’s rights. However, a perception brewing that his presidency should be judged on his actions not on his words.

But the PM will focus on talk of the “special relationship” and Britain will call on this special relationship when it leaves the European Union’s. It will be in need of an urgent and quick trade agreement with the U.S. to limit the economic damage.

Over the years, there have been vital partnerships between presidents and prime ministers — some for better, some for worse, most recent case was between Tony Blair and Bush, who often refereed to the special relationship as a source of strength. Coincidentally, Tony Blair also had an excellent relationship with Bill Clinton before Bush was elected.

Of course who can forget Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher two fellow free marketeers were so in tune ideologically that they led the cold war together. Watch as the story unfolds below.

Theresa May will arrive in Washington to find that Donald Trump has changed the ‘special relationship’ entirely. The Independent

May to vow to renew special relationship ahead of Trump meeting. BBC

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