Trump is going to build the Mexican wall

Mexican wall

President Donald Trump signed executive orders to begin construction of Mexican wall between the United States and Mexico. A border of 1,933 miles will need to be covered and the wall would be built to cover at least 1000 miles with natural obstacles covering the rest of the distance. He is making good on a campaign promise and also announced he will boost deportation efforts and beef up border patrol resources along the border.

President Trump has indicated that construction of border wall to begin “in months.” And will save lives on both sides of the border. Meanwhile press secretary Sean Spicer repeats and insists ‘Mexico will pay’ for wall as Trump signs additional executive order to cut funding for ‘sanctuary cities’

Donald Trump faced a fresh torrent of criticism on Wednesday as he moved ahead with plans to build a wall on the Mexican border.

Trump signs order to begin Mexican wall in immigration crackdown. The Guardian

The many challenges facing Trump’s wall. CNN

Trump orders wall to be built on Mexico border. BBC

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