UAE smashes Covid-19 vaccine target! 

UAE smashes vaccine target! 

The United Arab Emirates smashes Covid-19 vaccine target! 

The United Arab Emirates has vaccinated more than half of its population, smashing the country’s goal of vaccinating 52.46 per cent of individuals covered under the inoculation campaign. 

“The campaign that was launched at the start of the year around the country, upon the directives of the country’s leadership, has vaccinated nearly 70.21 per cent of elderly people and those with chronic diseases, who are being prioritized,” health minister Abdulrahman bin Mohamed Al-Owais said, in a report from state news agency WAM.

Nearly 7 million doses have been provided by the country to more than 205 medical centres. 

uae covid-19 vaccine target
UAE population: 9.771 million (2019) – Over half have been vaccinated

Health officials meanwhile reported that 89,746 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine were given in the past 24 hours, giving the country a rate of vaccine distribution of 67.43 doses per 100 people.

There were 2,018 confirmed coronavirus cases overnight, bringing the total number of recorded cases in the United Arab Emirates to 430,313 – with 1,406 deaths – of which 410,736 have fully recovered from the contagious disease.

UAE population

The UAE population as of 2019 is 9.771 million. They have vaccinated over half the population. The national vaccination effort has put the United Arab Emirates among the world’s leading nations in terms of recovery, with NCEMA describing the latest milestone as a “positive step”.

“These numbers reflect the tremendous efforts made by our health sector and our heroic teams to provide the utmost protection and maintain public health,” said H.E Abdulrahman Al Owais, Minister of Health and Prevention.

“It is also an indication of the strength of the medical and health systems in the UAE. We are working hard to succeed in providing the vaccine to 100% of our people.”

UAE Covid

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