UAE announces Covid-19 safety measures for Ramadan, as country crosses 50 per cent vaccination mark

UAE announces Covid-19 safety measures for Ramadan, as country crosses 50 per cent vaccination mark

Officials will monitor the situation and consider easing rules in the last 10 days

With the holy month of Ramadan less than one month away, authorities in the UAE have specified multiple Covid safety measures. The aim is to avoid any gatherings that may lead to the spread of the virus.

Dr. Seif Al Dhaheri, spokesperson for the National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority (NCEMA), announced the guidelines.

Officials also announced nationwide restrictions for Ramadan, which begins on April 13 or 14.

Here is a list of rules imposed to limit the spread of the virus during the holy month.

  • Taraweeh prayers: The special prayers offered during the holy month will be hosted in mosques across the country. The maximum duration of the Taraweeh and Isha prayer that precedes it has been capped at 30 minutes.
  • Avoid family and friends gatherings, especially during Iftar.
  • Avoid distributing and exchanging meals between homes and families.
  • Only members of the same family living in the same house can share meals.
  • Iftar tents – whether family or institutional – are banned.
  • Iftar meals will not be allowed inside mosques.
  • Restaurants are prohibited from distributing Iftar meals inside or in front of their premises.
  • Distribution of the Iftar meals is limited to labor housing complexes via direct coordination with the management. Strict social distancing must be ensured.
  • According to authorities, all these measures announced are subject to change based on the global and local health situation.

The elderly and people with chronic diseases have been urged to avoid gatherings of any kind, in order to ensure their safety.

Authorities urged people to adhere to the Covid-19 measures, warning that intensive inspection campaigns will be carried out during the holy month and that legal action will be taken against all the violators.





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