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COVID-19 or Coronavirus has taken over the world in 2020. A global killer that has changed our lives forever.

The year 2020 and 2021 has been defined by one global pandemic which has swept the globe in a furiously frantic manner.

Killing over 1 million globally. It has infected global leaders like Boris Johnson, President Donald Trump and the average man and woman, ( who incidentally died from this curious disease). Now the race for the vaccine has begun.

Motivated by profit Pharmaceutical giants and global research centres are working night and day to patent various types of vaccines that have varying levels of immunity.

We also look through all the conspiracy theories surrounding the virus, and the Track and Trace app which many fear is another tool for governments to control the masses.

Each country has different levels of infections and casualties and this is one place where you get all the latest news, covid-19 news and Coronavirus casualties from around the world.

The world has not seen anything like this before, and most of the world have suffered. Some, on the other hand, have profited, the likes of Amazon and other billionaires saw their wealth grow significantly overnight.

The search for truth has never been more important and we haven’t been able to understand what the endgame is.

Boris Johnson suggests 'vast majority' of vulnerable people could get COVID vaccine by Easter

But if you are curiously inclined and love to be able to see through the truth, here at WTX News, we promise to bring you all the facts and figures and breakdown the elements so you can make up your mind.

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How the Governments of the world will capture your data with this digital immunisation.

We provide up to date information and the latest updates from the World Health Organisation (WHO) all updated throughout the day.

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< The Baroness, appearing alongside husband Doug Barrowman, admitted lying to the press about links to a PPE firm awarded £200million in Government contracts during the pandemic. Her car crash TV interview with the BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg faced a ­furious backlash. Former Tory MP Anna Soubry accused the lingerie tycoon of appearing on camera for