Israel – Army arrests 20 Palestinians in West Bank using Pegasus spyware

The Israeli Army has arrested 20 more Palestinians in the West Bank and the military-controlled city of Jerusalem

The Palestinian Prisoners Club said in a statement, that the IOF stormed Nablus, Bethlehem and Hebron, as well as multiple neighbourhoods in occupied East Jerusalem, during which the arrests were made under the pretext that they were wanted persons.

The reports suggest the arrests were made based on conversations on WhatsApp and messaging apps. It is not clear if they were actually planning any terrorist activity or just talking.

The Israeli state has been using Palestinians as guinea pigs to perfect its spyware and surveillance technologies for decades. It has, for example, long been using state of the art facial recognition software at checkpoints to screen Palestinians in the West Bank.

Israel’s illegal Pegasus spyware used in the West Bank

The controversial software Pegasus was used on the phones by the Israeli armed forces.

The Pegasus software is so sophisticated that it can infect an iPhone or an Android device even without the device’s owner clicking on a compromised link. The software can then harvest messages, passwords, photos, internet searches and other data. It can also seize control of the phone’s camera and microphone, turning it into a surveillance device.

Pegasus has been used by Israeli backed authoritarian regimes to target the phones of politicians, journalists, royals, activists, business executives and dissidents around the world without court orders, so they can spy on individuals and collect information.


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