French presidential candidate wants – ‘EU with tough borders’

French presidential candidate Valerie Pecresse stressed the need for stronger EU borders on Friday, Her comments were inspired by a visit to a refugee camp.

Pecresse is seeking to elevate her stature as a potential stateswoman by travelling abroad and to establish her credentials as tough on migration as she tries to lure voters away from the influential French far-right.

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French presidential candidate

During a visit to Greece that will also see her visit a camp for asylum seekers on an Aegean island used by migrants to enter Europe from neighbouring Turkey.

“It is not at all fortress Europe, but it is not a supermarket Europe either.” She said on her two-day visit.

Pecresse, the presidential candidate for the conservative Republicans party is seen by many as the most significant challenger to centrist President Emmanuel Macron — who is expected to run for re-election in April even though he has not formally announced it.

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French presidential candidates 2022 need to be tough

All of the French presidential candidates want to take a tough stance on EU immigration. Especially with the growing influence of Maria Le Penn who has stirred the far-right phenomenon in France.

Pecresse, is no different, she has to demonstrate that she is tough on immigration and also law and order in the country to stand a chance of building enough momentum to challenge President Macron.

“There is no Europe without borders, and the question of borders is absolutely key today to building European power,” Pecresse said, standing at the foot of the ancient Acropolis in Athens.

As a former government minister and current president of the Paris region, Pecresse has more governing experience than other leading candidates and is looking to kick start her campaign for the French presidency by luring in the Far-right in France, who are growing in their numbers.


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