Queen’s death: Live from Buckingham Palace as King Charles III returns to London from Scotland and prepares for his first TV address as the new monarch. All the latest on the Queen’s funeral plans, tributes from around the world and the reaction from the British public.
Queen’s death: Live from Buckingham Palace

September 9, 2022

12:10 pm

Queen’s death – LIVE UPDATES


King Charles III speech

‘I express my love for Prince Harry and Meghan’

In his speech King Charles III comments on his youngest son – the Duke of Sussex – and his wife.

“I express my love for Prince Harry and Meghan as they continue to build their lives overseas.”

Prince William and Kate become the Prince and Princess of Wales

King Charles III announced his eldest son Prince William has taken his former title of The Prince of Wales. William’s wife Catherine Middleton has been given the title of the Princess of Wales – a title held most famously by William’s mother Princess Diana. 

“With Catherine beside him, our new Prince and Princess of Wales will, I know, continue to inspire and lead our national conversations, helping to bring the marginal to the centre ground where vital help can be given.”

Princess Diana and Prince William
Princess Diana and Prince William in 1997, just before Diana’s death. William’s wife will now inherit the title most famously used by his mother – the Princess of Wales.

“My life will of course change as I take up my new responsibilities.

“It will no longer be possible for me to give so much of my time and energies to the charities and issues for which I care so deeply.

“But I know this important work will go on in the trusted hands of others.

“This is also a time of change for my family. I count on the loving help of my darling wife Camilla. In recognition of her own loyal public service since our marriage 17 years ago, she becomes my Queen Consort.

“I know she will bring to the demands of her new role the steadfast devotion to duty on which I have come to rely so much.”

“When The Queen came to the throne, Britain and the world were still coping with the privations and aftermath of the Second World War, and still living by the conventions of earlier times.

“In the course of the last 70 years we have seen our society become one of many cultures and many faiths.

“The institutions of the State have changed in turn. But, through all changes and challenges, our nation and the wider family of Realms – of whose talents, traditions and achievements I am so inexpressibly proud – have prospered and flourished.

“Our values have remained, and must remain, constant. The role and the duties of Monarchy also remain, as does the Sovereign’s particular relationship and responsibility towards the Church of England – the Church in which my own faith is so deeply rooted.”

I speak to you today with feelings of profound sorrow, says the King.

“Throughout her life, HM the Queen, my beloved mother, was an inspiration and example to me and to all my family.

“We owe her the most heartfelt debt any family could owe to their mother, for her love, affection, guidance and example.”

She made sacrifices to duty, the King says. “Her dedication and devotion as sovereign never wavered, through times of change and progress, though times of joy and celebration, and through times of sadness and loss.”

He says the Queen’s life was a “life well lived – a promise with destiny kept and she is mourned most deeply in her passing.”

“Alongside the personal grief that all my family are feeling, we also share with so many of you in the United Kingdom, in all the countries where the Queen was head of state, in the Commonwealth and across the world, a deep sense of gratitude for the more than 70 years in which my mother as Queen served the people of so many nations.

“In 1947, on her 21st birthday, she pledged in a broadcast from Cape Town to the Commonwealth to devote her life – whether it be short or long – to the service of her people.

“That was more than a promise. It was a profound personal commitment, which defined her whole life.”

King Charles III continues reflecting on his mother’s service.

“In her life of service we saw that abiding love of tradition together with that fearless embrace of progress which makes us great as nations,” he says.

“The affection, admiration and respect she inspired became a hallmark of her reign.”

“I pay tribute to my mother’s memory and I honour her life of service.

“I know that her death brings great sadness to so many of you.

“And I share that sense of loss beyond measure with you all.”

Live from St Paul’s Catherdral - service of thanksgiving

Queen’s death: Live from St Paul’s Cathedral – service of thanksgiving 

King Charles III will open the service of thanksgiving which features members of the public who spent the day queuing up for a seat.

King Charles greets crowds outside Buckingham Palace

King Charles III arrives in Londongreeted by thousands of followers. King Charles III and Camilla are greeting crowds outside Buckingham Palace gates where thousands gathered following the death of the Queen and the assession of a new monarch.

The Queen’s body is still in Balmoral.

Charles heading to Buckingham Palace
King Charles III heading to Buckingham Palace

Charles heading to Buckingham Palace 

King Charles III and Camilla are en route to Buckingham Palace. 

Charles to be proclaimed live on TV

Charles will be officially proclaimed as King on Saturday, attended by his son Prince William. 
The event will be live on TV. 

It is set to take place at 10 am and will be attended by Privy Councillors, serving government ministers and could also include former ministers and prime ministers. 

As outlined in the London Bridge protocol – which is the protocol that outlines the activities following the Queen’s death.

The King will attend the second part of the meeting to make a declaration and sign an oath to uphold the security of the Church of Scotland and the continuity of government. 

After the meeting, the Principle Proclamation announcing Charles as King will be read at 11 am from the balcony at St James’s Palace. 

King Charles III arrives in London 

Breaking News King Charles III arrives in London – The new King has touched down in London after leaving Scotland this morning following the death of his mother Queen Elizabeth II yesterday afternoon. 

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