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Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has set an election date (sort of) ruling out an election in the first half of the year – that’s his “working assumption” anyway. 

The phrase “working assumption” does give Sunak wriggle room should circumstances change, and he has not ruled out a spring election.

But experts suggest a Mid-November election is most likely and with the Tories still trailing behind Labour by around 20 points in the polls, the longer Sunak can drag the year out, the better chance it’ll be for him. 

Polling suggests that despite the Tory noise around immigration, it’s the economy and the NHS that are the two top concerns for the British public.

Jacob Rees-Mogg has bagged £16,800 in compensation for his short seven weeks of work in Liz Truss’s government. 

The news is shocking. If Rees-Mogg gets £17k for seven weeks of Liz Truss hell, what should the rest of us get?

Rees-Mogg was one of Truss’s vocal supporters and played a key role in helping Truss get elected to No 10.

A new report from Media Reform Coalition (MRC) has shown that billionaires have more control of corporate UK media than ever before- and it doesn’t look like change is coming anytime soon. 

Campaign and research group MRC has published its latest report into media ownership in the UK and says three companies control the mass majority of the press landscape. 

The group’s previous analysis was in 2021 and the latest report suggests it has worsened in some areas in the few short years.

Britain’s shortest-serving prime minister, Liz Truss, has written a book about her 49 days in office. And no one is really sure why. 

This country has endured more than 13 years of Tory governments, experiencing years of austerity, economic turmoil and social divisions, and on top of that, we now get to hear the thoughts of the woman who sent the markets into meltdown amid a spiralling cost of living crisis and standards of living in apparent freefall. 

Liz Truss – the woman who was outlasted by a lettuce, the woman who almost crashed the economy, resigned from office less than two months after she entered it. 

Many are wondering if she could really have enough to write an entire book and if she does, why on earth would she want to remind anyone about her time in office? This is the leader who recorded the lowest-ever prime minister approval rating in the history of Britain.