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My World takes ownership of all news stories that should matter.

We share the good, the bad and the ugly.

The truth about Climate Change

News Bias exposed, no more BS!

Everyday life, communities, and society as a whole, globally.

My World – The Worlds Local Community

My world is a special & unique concept that allows the local communities to engage online globally.  In a global world we bring global news stories to you locally; we’re invested, we’re committed and we’re putting our money where our mouth is.

In its most simplistic form, it takes all that is wonderful about local communities and creates a sensational digital platform that we present on a global scale. We provide opportunities for local communities to grow and nurture local talent. Get yourself featured on this page and start promoting your community for everyone to see.

My World part of the WTX News initiative to showcase the worlds communities

A catalog of City collections, for every interest, everywhere in the world. It’s a place for people like you — People that love to travel, but also love art, design, fashion, fitness, food, and music, and want to discover more of it.

You’ll find collections that distill the world into detailed, guides and maps: an ever-growing catalog of the world’s most epic roads to drive before you die, an online compendium of the most beautiful small towns to visit in Europe, a guide to traveling in search of the world’s best sunset or ski slope.