Bolt just about making it to the final

Usain Bolt makes it through to the 100M final.. phew

The threat is real, Christian Coleman from USA 100m sprinter explodes out of box and instantly breaks away from the field with a 3 M gap within the first 25M.  

But then Bolt, who starts extremely slowly, even poorly by International standards, stretches out his torso and powers through the rest of the field and hunts the leader down. 

It was a very nerve racking race, and Bolt must improve his start, he can’t give up so much ground to Coleman, Gatlin or Blake in the final, because that will be a mountain to climb, that not even the greatest of all time can make up. 

The first time ever Bolt has lost a championship semi-final. 

Coleman wins the heat at 9.97 and then Bolt comes back with a 9.96. Gatlin makes it easily into the final. Hogan Blake also cruised into the final with ease. And well done to our British youngester Prescod who also powered his way to the final. 

The Men’s 100m final will at 21:45 BST. 

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