The Guardian - Pressure on Hancock over care home residents

The Guardian - Pressure on Hancock over care home residents

The Guardian’s front splash reports Matt Hancock faced pressure “to explain why the government had failed to protect care home residents”. The paper says China is furious with the United States over its plans to expand its investigation into the origin of the pandemic. 

Online, the paper reports on Marcus Rashford’s virtual meeting with former President Barack Obama, actor Cillian Murphy discusses his late co-star, Peaky Blinders and his next role and the “Covid bereavement” demanding a public inquiry. 


Pressure on Matt Hancock over failure to protect care home residents

Matt Hancock leads on the Guardian’s front splash. Hancock is trying to “salvage his reputation” after being accused of lying over the safety of care home residents early in the pandemic, writes The Guardian.

China fury at broader US inquiry into Covid

The front page reports President Biden’s decision to expand the US investigation into the origins of Covid-19 has “opened a new divide in his administration’s already tense relationship with China.” 

£11bn: Cost of repairing schools in England

The Guardian says a long-awaited government survey has concluded repairing schools across England will come at a hefty price of £11bn, nearly double some of the estimates, the paper notes. 

Cillian Murphy: From Peaky to the apocalypse

The Guardian’s spotlight article speaks to actor Cillian Murphy. The star of Peaky Blinders discusses his late colleague Helen McCory, how he convinced the producers to cast him rather than Jason Statham as Tommy Shelby – and returning to the monster-movie genre in A Quiet Place Part II. 


Covid bereaved demand public inquiry and end to ‘political pantomime’

The Guardian says Boris Johnson is facing a growing clamour to bring forward the start of the coronavirus public inquiry after Dominic Cummings’ allegations triggered a “political pantomime” that disrespects the victims of the pandemic, their relatives said.

Marcus Rashford and Barack Obama share ‘surreal’ Zoom conversation

The Guardian says Marcus Rashford has spoken with the former US president Barack Obama to discuss the power young people can have to make change in society.

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